What works – and what doesn’t!


  JOCELYN MERCADO PhD (Psychology), RGC, CCLP, CASP, CCOP Officer In Charge & Senior Clinical Psychologist – DARA Koh Chang CLASS DISCUSSION One of the first questions I always ask my psychology students is “What’s the most important aspect of counselling and psychotherapy?”  Almost always my college students will say, “The counsellor’s skills and techniques”, […]

The Relationship That Heals


KETAN JALTARE BA, MSc (Psychological Counseling) Program Manger, DARA Koh Chang   Addiction is a complex problem that societies have tried to understand for a long time. Scientists and Psychologists alike have been taking baby steps towards a better understanding of addiction for decades. And there is no doubt that we have made progress. But […]

The Culture Of You


By DR Niall Campbell BDS MFDS Dip Clin Hyp PG Dip Psych Communications manager DARA Thailand     SWIMMING BLIND Two young fish are swimming along in the sea, minding their own business An older fish swims by them and says – ‘morning boys – how’s the water? ‘ A few yards past one of […]

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