DARA’s Dual Diagnosis Treatment

A dual diagnosis means that someone has a substance abuse issue that is present alongside one/other mental health issue/s. For some individuals, the uncomfortable or distressing emotional and mental symptoms have manifested as addictive behaviors. Other clients may have developed mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression, during the course of their addiction.

DARA is not a primary mental health center, however our holistic approach to treatment recognizes that people with addictions are likely to have other mental health issues, including anxiety, depression or personality disorders, and this has been incorporated into our treatment program.

In DARA’s pre-admission process, each potential client is assessed for dual diagnoses. At times, new issues are identified during residential treatment, and these become part of the comprehensive care plan. While DARA is able to manage various co-occurring mental health issues, clients with acute mental health issues may need to be referred to specialist services. In these cases, we are happy to provide referrals and assistance in locating a more suitable option for treatment.

Integrated care means that each client receives treatment by mental health and addiction professionals, all under DARA’s roof. Therapists collaborate closely, to make sure that each facet of the care plan is meeting the needs of our clients.

DARA’s balanced approach to dual diagnosis treatment is based on the most current and effective evidence-based therapy. We are known for the quality of our services throughout the international addiction treatment community.

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