DARA’s In-Network Insurance Process Simplifies Coverage

By being an in-network provider for many of the leading insurance companies, DARA has streamlined the process of admission at our luxury rehab facilities in Thailand. With acceptance as a provider by AXA, Cigna, GeoBlue, HTH Worldwide and International SOS, we can consolidate our service to clients, making the enrollment for treatment run smoothly. We understand the importance of committing to treatment, and our insurance experts are well prepared to guide clients through the admission process. We can help avoid time-consuming and frustrating pitfalls in determining insurance coverage.

List of Accepted Insurance

Companies Serve Clients Worldwide

AXA, Cigna, GeoBlue, HTH Worldwide and International SOS have excellent reputations for worldwide coverage of health services. Together, they serve millions of clients in more than 190 countries. With the added benefit of connection to these companies, DARA is making access to treatment more readily available for more people. We are continuing to investigate the possibilities of becoming in-network providers for additional companies; in the meantime, we will accept out-of-network insurance on a case-by-case basis. Our staff works diligently with each individual to determine what coverage is available. As soon as we know a policy number, we can check on the necessary information.

Call Us For Assistance

As the leading provider of addiction rehab in Asia, we have served clients from more than 50 countries in our world-class treatment programs. We are eager to provide information to people who are ready to discard addiction and reclaim control of their lives. Our admissions counselors are available by telephone, Skype or e-mail to explain about our programs, amenities and fees, as well as to answer any questions. In addition to holistic therapeutic treatment for addiction, our all-inclusive services include all meals, use of resort facilities and weekly cultural excursions in exotic and beautiful Thailand. With the valuable addition of in-network insurance, we enhance our position as one of the most comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab programs in Asia.

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