Josh Rooney

BSc (Hons)
Group Fitness Director
Josh graduated from Heriot Watt University, Scotland obtaining a Bachelors of science degree. Josh started his studies in the United States, North Carolina where he was offered a combined academic and golf scholarship. Having played at international level from a young age, his golf career included taking an active role in coaching, working with groups of varying ages and abilities. Through golf, Josh started to become involved in the physical development of athletes through weight training and nutritional education. Taking on clients whilst studying, Josh quickly realised his skill in identifying individual client needs and utilising a wide range of practices to achieve goals.

This passion began Josh’s bodybuilding career leading to several competitive shows including qualification to British events and sponsorship deals. Being actively involved in the fitness lifestyle for many years gives Josh a wealth of knowledge and first hand experience in many training techniques as well as a deep understanding of nutrition.

As Lanna Healthcare’s fitness director Josh has created a Personal Training programme that is specific to individual client needs whether this may be weight loss or creating healthy relationships with food, whatever your goal is we can accommodate. Passionate and motivated Josh will go the extra mile to ensure that anyone’s stay is beneficial to there physical health. Josh will continue to develop through training courses and working alongside peers to relate his knowledge of the fitness industry to recovery.

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