Refund policy


DARA Rehab provides the highest level of addiction treatment at affordable prices. We have limited rooms and by maintaining a high level of occupancy, we are also able to keep costs down, the savings we make help us retain a reasonable price point that our clients benefit from.

With this in mind, we have a reservation, payment and refund policy that reflects our client’s commitment to recovery while being fair to DARA Rehab.


DARA Rehab requires a 50% reservation deposit of the first month’s fee prior to arrival to reserve a room for the pre-agreed arrival date. Acceptable payment methods include credit card and International wire transfers.

If a client fails to arrive at DARA Rehab within 7 days of the pre-agreed arrival date, DARA Rehab reserves the right to retain the reservation deposit. Our objective is to offer the client care and treatment, so should the client arrive after 7 days, we will still aim to accommodate them.

If a client cancels their reservation within 28 days prior to arriving at Lanna Rehab, a full refund of the deposit will be given.


Payment made in full is due on arrival at DARA Rehab.


If a client requests to leave the DARA Rehab program early for any reason, DARA Rehab will refund 50% of the remaining fees, based on a pro-rata basis of a 28-day program.


Prior to arrival, clients will receive a detailed list of rules and regulations for their stay at DARA Rehab. Maintaining rules enables us to care for all our clients, and for their recoveries. Should a client breach any of these rules and regulations, DARA Rehab reserves the right to discharge the client immediately and without refund.

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