Lizzie's recovery

"DARA is beautiful. It's the routine, it's the community. It's healing. It was also the first time in my life I did anything for myself. "

Kristi learnt "self worth at DARA"

"I feel empowered. I went from feeling like drinking was my best friend to learning new skills to improve my relationships."

Chris felt "time away to really heal helps with recovery"

Leaving his home in the United States gave him distance to focus on recovery, away from triggers.
Client, 2017

Anita said "recovery was paramount"

"My son helped me find DARA. The experience has taken me out of my comfort zone and I've learned so much."

Jack was a successful lawyer before meth

"DARA is where I got my life back."

Paul's story

It was a magical feeling coming here. It felt like paradise.

Paul, 2019 Client

Roland Williams

Roland Williams has been working in addiction since 1986.

His expertise is well sought worldwide. This is what he had to say when comparing DARA Rehab to American rehabs – 

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