Australian superannuation

Australians are choosing to use their superannuation to access rehab for drug and alcohol addictions.

This makes treatment more accessible to Australians who need it. Once you are ready to accept treatment, you often don’t have the funds on hand. Superannuation-funded rehab treatment means you can receive the therapy and addiction treatment recovery you need. 

Bruce, 44 years old, from Hawthorn, Melbourne says “I was drinking most nights to the point of blackout. A month at DARA Rehab made me realise I was drinking because I was unhappy in my marriage. Three weeks more in treatment gave me the tools to communicate with my wife without yelling. Now, our marriage is better than it has been in 12 years.”

Superannuation gave Bruce the ability to get help, and still pay his mortgage and maintain his children’s school fees and family expenses. Bruce says “If I didn’t have access to my super early, I would have only come for 28 days. Those extra weeks in therapy are what saved my marriage.”

How do you access superannuation for rehab?

Dara Rehab accepts clients from across the world, but the majority are Australian (40%).

Via our Superannuation Partner in Australia, we are pleased to help you gain early access to your superannuation for the purpose of rehab treatment program with Dara Rehab.

There will be some fees associated with submitting your superannuation with the Australian Tax Office, but we will also facilitate and pay for your Psychiatric assessment, prepare all forms and submit your paperwork on your behalf.

How long does the super ‘early access’ application take?

Once you commence the application process it takes less than two weeks.  The first step in the application is to complete the form on this page. We appreciate when people make the decision to go to rehab, they want the process to move swiftly so they can commence treatment as soon as possible. With this in mind, our team will contact you with next steps as promptly as possible.

Is there any guarantee?

To date, we have had 100% success for applicants to achieve early release access to their superannuation funds. The funds for rehab are deposited directly to you, the applicant’s bank account. If for any reason the application is unsuccessful, we will refund 100% of our fees.

How do I apply?

The first step is easy – simply complete the form below & include ‘superannuation’ in the comments.

NOTE: We can assist you with organising early access release of your super funds. If you have questions pertaining to your individual financial situation, we suggest talking to a financial advisor.

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