5 Questions To Ask about Overseas Addiction Rehab

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5-Questions-Australians-Should-Ask-about-Overseas-Drug-Addiction-RehabMany Australians are considering overseas rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. Two major reasons for this are:

  • Difficulty getting finding an affordable treatment program in many parts of Australia
  • Unable to be admitted quickly, when someone finally asks for help

Many overseas programs are extremely inexpensive as compared to those in Australia, with a quick admission process. As the most highly regarded drug and alcohol treatment center in Asia, DARA has an expedited intake process and an all-inclusive program that is evidence-based and highly credentialed. Unfortunately, this is not true for all overseas rehab centres. DARA wants to make sure that Australians seeking this type of option have five solid questions to ask when evaluating a Thailand-based drug and alcohol rehab program.

The 5 Crucial Types of Questions to Ask Overseas Rehab Centres

Here are the five top questions we encourage you to ask.  Make a comparison between the centers you are considering. At DARA, we can assure you our quality of care is so superb, we are consistently one of the top ten rated facilities worldwide.

  1. Ask for a written copy of everything that falls under the phrase “all-inclusive”. It should include much more than just group treatment and lodging. Request a list of what out of pocket expenses to expect, including items you might not think about such as transportation to the center from the airport, laundry services, and sober outings expenses.
  2. What credentials does the facility have, and the staff? Do they include internationally recognized credentials?
  3. Does the clinical staff work and live and work full time in the overseas rehab country? This may sound like an odd question to ask, but there is a reason you must. Treatment centers in resort-like settings may provide a short-term working vacation in paradise to individuals with clinical treatment skills. This shows a lack of commitment to the the client’s best interests and does not offer the continuity of care that is so essential for success recovery. It also does not ensure that the therapist has the skills needed to treat the variety of individuals who come for help with an addiction.
  4. Are there aftercare and discharge planning services? One concern many Australians have is after finishing treatment in Thailand will resources and support will be waiting for them back home. Not all overseas rehab centers offer this service to the high degree that DARA provides.
  5. Ask them to describe their mix of group therapy and individual therapy. How customized is it to the needs of the client? Will you be forced to fit into a rigid program that may not see you as a unique person with a unique history? Will you be helped with any associated issues such as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress issues?

Still not sure where to start or whether coming from Australia to an overseas rehab is the best and most affordable option? DARA is happy to clarify your concerns and questions. You’ll be connected directly with a clinical staff member who understands your fears about not being able to receive the right kind of care now when you are ready for it. DARA assures you that it can be both affordable and of the highest quality.

If you, or someone you care about, needs help for a drug or alcohol addiction,
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