addiction defined

Addiction Defined

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When most people think of addiction the addiction to drugs and alcohol are the first things that come to mind. In fact for many, addiction is synonymous with drunks sitting in a bar night after night or an addict shooting up in an abandoned building. While this may be highly accurate for some addicts, it could not be further from the truth for many others. Countless people from all walks of life and from numerous different places have addictions to various things. Addictions range from video games and shopping to food and gambling with everything in between. Many of these addictions, though common, are not truly studied or addressed. Fortunately there is help for all types of addiction, though the way that help comes may vary in many cases. Read on to learn a little more about addiction in general.

Addiction Defined

addiction definedAddiction is defined as the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. This is further defined as having a dependency, habit, or problem with the substance, thing, or activity. This means that anyone who has a problem with anything in life in which the excess use or acquiring of that thing has affected life or daily activities in a negative manner is in active addiction. While it may seem that something as simple as shopping could not be an addiction. Those with an addiction to shopping will buy unnecessary and unwanted items with money that is not available to spend. This can quickly and negatively affect their lives. While this type of addiction may not necessarily show on the physical body like the effects of drugs and alcohol, the whole being is affected.

Affects Of Addiction

Addiction also always affects those around the addict. Addictions to food, gambling, and even technology are no exception. Someone who is addicted to gambling may spend money meant for family trips or basic needs. Perhaps they may continually borrow or even steal money from others to pay off debts. Those with a technology addiction may ignore friends and loved ones for an online world that requires little actual interaction. Those with a food addiction may have certain behaviors that alienate others. These could include hoarding food, hiding to eat, overeating, or related behaviors. As a food addiction spirals out of control it may be that the person begins to steal or becomes so overweight that self-care can be an issue. This means that others are affected negatively.

Addiction Help

If you find yourself with an addiction of any kind, know that there is help available. When you are ready for help or if you just want further information reach out to others. Find someone to help you overcome the habit that has been taking over your life. Do not be afraid to admit that something that may have started out as a fun activity has turned into something that is causing real problems. The road may not be easy, but conquering addiction will always be worth it in the long run.

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