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Four Reasons Why Addiction Sucks

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Addiction sucks. Plain and simple. If you are addicted to a substance or unhealthy behavior, you probably know this already. Need some motivation to get into recovery? Here are four reasons why addiction sucks.

# 1 Addiction Sucks Up All Of Your Money

Using drugs. Alcohol. Gambling. Shopping. Sex addiction. These are all very expensive habits. They cost money – boatloads of it. Whether you’re wasting your money on pricy cocaine binges, running up a tab at the bar, buying a bunch of stuff you don’t need, or renting hotel rooms for casual sex – you better believe an addiction will take every last cent that you have.

The thing about addiction is that it is never satisfied. It will always demand that you do more of whatever you happen to be addicted to. This means spending whatever amount of money is necessary to get a fix. Addiction can leave you penniless – no matter how much money you make.

If you ever want to get ahead financially and have something to show for your money, you will have to give up your addictive behavior.

# 2 Addiction Makes You Suck at Relationships

Addicts are very selfish and self-involved people. When you are in the throes of addiction, you have to concentrate all your effort and energy feeding it. There is no room for anything else. You simply don’t have the desire to focus on sustaining healthy, supportive relationships with the people you love.

Because addiction keeps you on a never-ending emotional rollercoaster, you will spend a lot of your time being angry and disappointed in yourself, feeling guilty, and trying to resist the urge to go out and engage in whatever addictive behavior has you hooked. This makes you difficult to be around. People find it hard to connect with you and enjoy your company. When you’re addicted, you just suck at being the kind of person people want to have a relationship with.

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# 3 Addiction Sucks The Life Out of You

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you are killing yourself with chemicals. There is just no way around this. Mood and mind-altering substances wreak havoc on the brain and body. In the long-run, they destroy you. If you continue to abuse drugs or alcohol, you will die in your addiction.

If you are engaging in some other type of unhealthy addictive behavior, take a look around your life. Are you exhausted? Stressed out? Physically ill? You don’t have to be hooked on heroin to run your body into the ground.

In the end, addiction will suck the life out of you.

# 4 Addiction Sucks Your Dreams Bone Dry

Who has time to pursue a dream when you are chasing an addiction around? There is no time or energy to achieve positive goals or make worthwhile contributions to the world around you when you are chasing the next high.

If you want to do something constructive with your life and have something to be proud of when you are old and gray, you are going to have to kick your habit.

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