An Alternative to 12 Step

An Alternative to 12 Step

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Coming to the realization that you have an addiction is a painful time. It brings feelings of defeat and shame. To take the next step and seek treatment is still another traumatic period. It is a huge leap for many people to recognize that their addiction is beyond them. And that they now require professional help. For a long time, this decision generally meant turning to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Or any one of many 12 step programs of recovery. These programs have worked for many people as still work for many. But for a large number of people facing the decision to seek treatment and recovery, the language of “higher powers” and other religious overtones associated with 12 step recovery are a huge stumbling block to getting help. There are real and meaningful alternatives to 12 step.

DARA Drug and Alcohol Rehab offers a range to treatment options all of which are grounded in medical science and are alternatives to the standard 12 step model of recover. To start, DARA works with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This is a scientifically based system which works with the ways we learn to think and experience our own emotions.

CBT teaches people how to identify thought patterns and habits of experiencing emotions and feelings which lead to negative and destructive patterns of action. By learning to understand how thoughts and feelings are tied into destructive the behaviors addiction. People can learn new ways of experiencing things that are more productive. In this way, patients learn to manage life without the use of substances. The goal of CBT is to get to the underlying cause of addictive behaviors and essentially unlearn those behaviors.

CBT is complemented with Group Therapy. In guided group therapy patients learn new and healthy ways of dealing with others. This involves learning to identify their own habitual reactions to others and the types of social complications which lead to problems. As group therapy is a guided program. Patients can learn to better navigate the social world which plays a part in their addiction and learn to interact socially without the danger of relying substances.

Still more, DARA offers patients individual counseling. Taking into consideration that each patient comes to treatment as a unique person, DARA treats the individual needs of each patient. Working along with the other treatment programs, individual counseling guides patients through past experiences which may have led to their addiction. Individual counseling assists patients in understanding the root of their emotional struggles which are bound up in their addiction. This process empowers patients to understand themselves in more positive ways.

All of the treatment programs at DARA are grounded in a guided by the latest science in drug addiction. These programs are all directed by trained and certified staff. Again, for some people the 12 step model may work just fine. At DARA, we offer an alternative treatment option that addresses all of the same issues, problems, and complexities with a program of treatment. This treatment avoids the aspects of 12 step that many patients find off-putting. Making the decisions to seek treatment for an addiction is a traumatic process. DARA understands that there are people who need treatment options which speak to their specific needs and concerns.   

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