Ben Affleck’s relapse over Halloween reminds us all to be careful


Holidays are full of triggers for people struggling with sobriety, including celebrities like Ben Affleck. Regardless of your situation, that break from routine can be enough to jeopardise years of sober living.

Partying over holidays.. the sober way

“It’s easy to relapse when you have people handing you a drink everywhere you go,” says Robert, 31 years old from Toronto. 

Robert says his age, and industry in the arts make him a target for parties. “For most people my age, who are single and have no kids, going to fun events over Halloween, throughout December in the lead up to Christmas and around Easter, would be a dream. For me, it’s the worst.”

Halloween is a dangerous time for many people struggling with their sobriety. Even celebrities… it's a reminder to us…

Posted by DARA Rehab on Monday, October 28, 2019

It isn’t unusual for people who have addictions to find work events – particularly around the holidays – difficult.

Martin Peters, DARA Rehab’s Group Program Director, says “we often see peaks in inquiries in the lead up to Halloween from America and Canada. People often want to prevent embarrassing themselves at work drinks, because when you relapse in that situation you risk your whole livelihood.”

November and December coincide with the best weather in Thailand, making it a popular time to visit regardless of holidays.

The beach at DARA Rehab enjoys the best weather in November and December.

Rehab over Christmas 

DARA Rehab opens 365 days of the year. Our team is dedicated, and we understand the difficulties people can have over holiday times. 

“For some people, it’s the pressure of having to spend all this extra money at Christmas. Fear of debt, pressure from family’s expectations. It can be enough to tip people over the edge. If you know you’re at risk of relapse, removing yourself from the situation by coming to rehab, removes the risk,” explains Martin.

“Part of the reason DARA Rehab offers a free annual one-week refresher to our clients is that we acknowledge they might need to check in with us. We are here to offer support.”

No one is immune to addiction, and that includes Ben Affleck and other celebrities. The most important thing to do is to recommit to sobriety and try again.

Do you want to book in over the holidays? We’re here to help. Simply chat to us, or contact us here. 

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