The Benefits Of Finding Serenity Abroad


Travel broadens the mind. It takes just one visit to a drastically different country to understand the power behind these words. And when I mean a different country I mean a country with a fresh culture, different points of view, preferably a place with different type of weather and definitely a place that does not speak your language. Millions of people find their way to various tropical countries like India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam in search of extreme adventures, which is great, but in my opinion, lazy tropical beach life better lends itself to yoga, meditation as well as healing both body and mind. Excellent destination for anyone with demons to battle or wounds to lick.


For most western people cultures of warmer and more tropical countries always seem so relaxed, carefree and friendly. True, while a large cornerstone of their economy is tourism and in extension being friendly to attract said tourists, there is still something peaceful and calming about most people I ever had the pleasure of meeting while traveling these countries.

The fact that food grows in the trees wherever you go and there is little need to plan where to source firewood for the winter, it all boils down to pretty carefree approach to life.

This kind of environment is perfect for rehabilitation. It allows to focus purely on the issue at hand, namely addiction and allows the addict to tackle it at his own pace. The environment where you lead your daily life is one of the factors that led you to addiction. It may be a smaller or bigger contributor, it drastically differs from case to case, but it is a factor nevertheless. Inpatient courses provided by rehabilitation centers allow you to put the din and clutter of your life behind you for a while, providing the time, resources and support you need to tend your inner insecurities, emotional hangups, and bodily imbalance.


The very cornerstone of sober and healthy human being is balance and equilibrium. While years of drug abuse and denial of any problems drives you deeper and deeper into a proverbial dead end, a rehab course supported by professionals, in a place where you can put it all behind you, is the perfect equalizer.

Self-doubt is tackled by continuous emotional and physiological support. Experienced and open councilors will hear you out and team up with you to plan, the best course on your road to sobriety, right after an expert of medical staff and nurses guide you through a rigorous and cleansing detoxification course.

Rehabilitation will remind you how to love your body and how to keep it efficient and functional. Professional exercise regiment, yoga and various other types of physical activities will get your heart racing while carefully planned diet and nutrient intake will help you on your way to kick your dependence on dangerous substances.


By far the most beneficial aspect of any rehab is its ability to rally people and lift their spirits. Going through tough times alone is extremely taxing and exhausting. No one should attempt kicking addiction alone because there will be a time when giving up seems like an excellent option. Giving up and laying down to die is impossible to do when you are surrounded with like-minded individuals who provide support or some brutal honesty when needed. The camaraderie that an addict develops with his group is tangible, many people who have become sober still do regular meetings with their group members just to remind each other what was all that battle for. A single link in a chain does not amount to much, but all together it can achieve amazing things.

Getting clean and kicking an addiction is not an easy thing to do. Anyone who says otherwise is either a liar or has no clue about rehabilitation process. Becoming sober after someone says “just don’t use anymore, it’s easy” is just like getting out of depression just because someone says “cheer up” – it doesn’t work. Getting your life back will require a lot of sweat, anger management, exercise and nutritious diet on top of the hordes of inner demons you will fight to get on top of your addiction and begin your way to managing it instead of it controlling you. Stack the odds in your favor by tackling this battle in an environment that is relaxing, pleasant and comfortable – consider a rehab abroad.

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