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How Can A Sponsor Help An Alcoholic?

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A sponsor can play a vital role in helping an alcoholic through the often-arduous task of remaining sober. Here are some of the advantages to be had through asking a sponsor to assist.

What is a sponsor?

Widely used, but not exclusive to those who join Alcoholics Anonymous, a sponsor is a man or woman who has achieved progress through the recovery process they have chosen.

It is the sponsors role to share experiences of their own alcoholism and how they have managed to reach their current level of sobriety. This information and advice sharing is carried out on a personal one-to-one basis. It is also usual for them to offer support via telephone or social media platforms outside of face-to-face meetings.

Is a sponsor mandatory?

No, it is not something that a person going through the recovery process needs to have, but the continual and individual support on offer can make a big difference in terms of helping an alcoholic stay on the path of sobriety.

This makes the consideration of asking for sponsorship something that alcoholics going through the recovery process should think carefully about.

While thinking about this a recovering alcoholic should bear in mind that a sponsor will generally be a man or woman who has succeeded in remaining sober for an extended length of time.

This experience can show how a recovery program has helped them. What works for them, what did not, and tips on how to continue and maintain sobriety.

What benefits are to be gained:

Here are 5 benefits that an alcoholic going through the early stages of recovery can expect from a sponsor.

  • They understand your current situation, they care passionately about your progression to sobriety and their aim is to help you resist the many temptations that alcohol brings.
  • They are there to help you when overwhelming thoughts of alcohol crowd in on you, or if you have succumbed to these urges and have had a relapse. It is extremely important to understand that while a relapse is a set-back, it is not a failure.
  • As well as talking about their personal experience with alcohol, they are there to listen to your experiences. They can offer articles, books and advice relating to alcohol abuse as well as recovery.
  • If the two of you are in a particular group recovery program the sponsor will encourage you to attend meetings with them and help you get there if necessary. They will also encourage you to join and participate in group activities and introduce you to other members they feel suitable to assist with your recovery.
  • They will not give a structured, defined opinion of the program you are in, but will offer different ideas and thoughts to help you find the best way in which to maintain sobriety.

Using a sponsor can offer a massive boost:

Sponsors are available because they have a passion to help. They have experience and have been in that dark place you may currently be in.

During the early stages of trying to maintain sobriety a sponsor can be the difference between success and failure in that important task of a person remaining sober for the foreseeable future.

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