Choosing the Right Rehab Center for Your Loved One

Choosing the Right Rehab Center for Your Loved One

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When to Seek Help 

Anytime a dependence on alcohol or substances is present or when it goes further and an addiction forms, you should seek professional help. While it is best to seek help early on, there are few that are so beyond help that a rehab center cannot be beneficial. However, denial is the biggest reason people refuse treatment. It is important to understand why refusal may come and what it may take to offer a wake up call for that individual. These wake-up calls may include:

  • Loss of Income or Relationships
  • Loss of Life
  • Hospitalization


Denial of an addiction or dependence is one of the biggest reasons for not seeking help. The person may deny any problem exists or make excuses for why a drug or alcohol is used. Someone may say they use cocaine when they are feeling down or that their drinking is not truly hurting anyone. Perhaps they feel that they have not hit ‘rock bottom’ and will seek treatment when they have in their own lives. Unfortunately, it may take a true wake up call to help a person realize that real help is needed. This may take on the forms shared above and will be explained below.

Loss of Income and/or Relationships

Addictions is commonly associated with loss and this loss is often the wake-up call that addicts need to realize an addiction is present. It can be painful to watch an addict experience loss, but sometimes, this is what it requires to push them toward real help.

Where there is addiction, there is also a need for money. The cost of addiction often eventually exceeds the necessary funds to keep it going. It is common for addicts to miss work, often, days or weeks at a time. Some may try to work drunk or high when they do go, which results in loss of the job. When this happens, they may ask for loans from others or even steal to support the habit. However, this can only last for so long before others get wise or get tired of their consistent borrowing. This can help them admit a real problem exists.

Furthermore, the lack of money and resulting issues like a loss of home, can leave the person so stressed that they may finally admit to an issue being present. This can also apply to a loss of relationships. Many people prefer to keep their addictions secret which results in a withdrawal from friends and family members. They may begin to skip social engagements with a preference for more time to use as the alternative. Sadly, it is not uncommon for friends and family to know about the addiction and want the person to get help, but unable to connect with them in any way. This tends to make both the addict and loved ones get further apart due to disappointment and continued use.

Loss of Life

Though extreme, loss of another’s life can be a rude, yet huge wake up call. This can come in different ways. The first is the most common and that is driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This can often result in accidents that are deadly for others. It may be a wake up call to kill someone in an accident and will hopefully result in rehab, but this could also result in jail time. Another opportunity may be if a fellow user overdoses and dies. This is sometimes a wake-up call as the person puts him or herself in the place of that fellow user. These are opportunities to open a dialogue with the addict and bring up rehab.


Hospitalization is a huge wake up call medically for an addict. There were 4.6 million drug related emergencies in 2009 and that number has increased over time. Many of these hospital visits occurred months after the beginning of an addiction. These drug-related issues can be painful to handle and a potential overdose may force the person into admitting there is a problem.

Finding the Right Rehab Center

When your loved one does admit to a problem you are then faced with finding the right treatment option for their situation. There are both out-patient and in-patient options available. The out-patient options include group therapy, individual therapy, and in some cases meetings. These options are best when the person is not heavily into addiction and has a desire to stop using. These options may not be best for those experiencing extreme withdrawal symptoms as it may be too tempting to start using again. For those that wish to do out patient, it still may be best to do a medical detox as an in-patient to make sure no medical emergencies arise.

In-patient facilities are much more common and tend to last between four and twelve weeks or longer, if needed. An in-patient facility likely offers a place for detox and extended treatment. In-patient facilities are widely varied in approach, availability, and cost. Location may also be an issue for some, but if possible, a facility a good distance away from former, familiar users is typically best.

DARA Rehab Center

Choosing the Right Rehab Center for Your Loved One

One highly accredited and recommended in-patient facility is that of DARA. DARA has rehab center locations in many countries and offers affordable rates. DARA rehab center uses a multi-pronged approach to treating addiction that heals physically, mentally, and spiritually. Each day begins with some type of physical activity in the resort style locations with beautiful views and many amenities. Each client is given a personal trainer to help them improve their physical well being while staying. This is necessary as physical health typically declines as addiction continues. Meals are provided and are nutritious and focused on better health. The facilities also offer individualized and group counseling paired with education about addiction in general. By better understanding addiction as a disease, the person will learn to combat the issues that will arise in the future.

If you or a loved one has an addiction and are ready for help then DARA is ready to provide that help. Simply call one of the centers 24/7 to speak with someone who can schedule a stay and prepare you to reenter your life addiction free. You are worth the time spent at the rehab center and your life will be better for making the effort to get on the road to recovery.

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