Coping with Anxiety

Coping with Anxiety

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The medical definition of anxiety is a ‘state of or consisting of psychological and physical symptoms that are brought about by a sense of apprehension at a perceived threat’. The key to that definition is a perceived threat. Anxiety producing happenings or things are not always a true threat, but our minds perceive them as one.  The actual symptoms of anxiety vary from person to person and may vary each time you are feeling anxious. The good news is there are ways to deal with anxiety when it does occur.

Everyone will experience mild anxiety at times, this is completely normal. When anxiety becomes prevalent in your life or overwhelming then you must learn to control it and continue moving forward. Though it is often tempting to simply avoid anxiety causing situations, this is not always possible or feasible. Sometimes we must stay and face or fears in order to live a productive life. One way to cope with these problematic situations is to make a list. Though lists are not for everyone, they are helpful in many situations. Create a problem list and break down the issues into manageable steps. These can then be overcome one at a time. With each victory over anxiety treat yourself. You have made a huge accomplishment.

Practice relaxation techniques. Guided imagery is a great way to take your mind of an ongoing situation. Many scenarios are available online. Additionally, deep breathing exercises in which you focus only on the slow deep breaths you are taking in can calm the body and mind quickly.

Make sure to practice good self care by resting enough and eating well. Caring for yourself will help you to face situations realistically. In fact, being over tired or hungry can be a trigger for an attack. The same can be said for being angry or lonely. Focus on keeping yourself in a good place regardless of circumstances.

Finally, talk therapy can be a good solution to working through every day problems that cause anxiety. A good counselor can also teach techniques to deal with sudden onset anxiety. Being afraid will not kill you, but it can take away many good things in your life. Be willing to work through the anxiety for a better future. If talk therapy is still not enough a host of anti anxiety medications are available. Though these are not a cure all, they can be beneficial in some cases.

Anxiety and panic attacks can be traumatic. It may seem as if your world is ending, but the attack will pass and you will survive. When anxiety arises try to calm yourself and focus on something good or exactly what is happening. Stay grounded and focus on something static like a table or lamp or even someone you know in the room. Know that you will and probably are safe. The ability to calm ourselves is within each of us if we allow it to come forth. Humans are amazing creatures that feel strongly. Use the strength to overcome whatever comes your way.

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