DARA Announces First Scholarship Fellow



DARA_Lubna_01In a major step forward in our five-year agreement with Mahidol University’s ASEAN Institute for Health Development, DARA’s leadership team has named Lubna Altaf Husaain as our first DARA Fellow. As the recipient of this fully funded scholarship, Husaain will work hand-in-hand with DARA professionals as part of her master’s degree program in Addiction Studies at Mahidol. When she completes her Mahidol program, she will be offered a staff position at DARA for at least one year.

Martin Peters, DARA’s Treatment Program Director, said Husaain’s “passion and determination” were key factors in her unanimous selection by the interview panel.  Chosen from a wide range of applicants who began a series of interviews in May, Husaain already has completed a Master of Clinical Psychology program and has worked in outpatient rehab programs in the United Arab Emirates.

“We believe that Lubna will be a great role model for future scholarship recipients, as well as a strong representative of DARA,” Peters said.

When presented with the scholarship, Husaain said DARA’s generosity not only is an investment in her, but in the future of addiction treatment.

“I sincerely thank the DARA organization for the generous sponsorship,” Husaain said. “I take the responsibility wholeheartedly and will do everything I can to prove myself.”

Partnership With Mahidol Provides Mutual Benefits

DARA’s five-year partnership with Mahidol University, which began in March 2014, benefits not only Husaain, but all students in the university’s Master of Addiction Studies program. They will have the opportunity for training days with the professional staff at DARA, and they will be able to accompany DARA employees to professional conferences. DARA and Mahidol students will conduct joint research in the field of recovery and cooperate in publishing a scientific journal on addiction. DARA will offer internships to Mahidol students and will provide instructional materials and guest lecturers for Mahidol classes.

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