DARA Treatment for Heroin Addiction

DARA Treatment for Heroin Addiction

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DARA Treatment for Heroin Addiction – If you have an addiction or know someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol then know that help is available. Some people have the ability to simply walk away from an addiction, but this is a rarity. Most people need a bit of extra help and that help is available in many forms. One of the best ways to get help is to remove yourself from the environment in which the addiction happens for a time until your body has detoxed and you have had time to create a future plan for long term recovery. One place that such treatment is available is DARA of Thailand. DARA offers treatment for a variety of addictions, but for the purposes of this article heroin will be discussed.

Heroin is Highly Addictive

Heroin is a highly addictive drug that is manufactured from the opium of poppy plants. Unfortunately heroin is highly abused due to the euphoric feeling it can produce. There are different forms of heroin and it can be snorted, smoked, or injected. The drug itself is potent and the effects hit quickly. Heroin is a choice drug for many because of the immediate pleasurable feelings that hit in a surge called the ‘rush’. The feeling is warm and calming and creates a heavy slowed feeling in the legs and arms. The outcome is a sense of well-being and confidence that does not naturally occur. If this seems like something a loved one may be addicted to or you simply want to know the signs than you have come to the right place.

Heroin Use

Heroin users often have spoons, bent to use for smoking, lighters, and syringes. Some heroin can have a distinct odor, much like vinegar, but in the purest form heroin has no odor. The symptoms of heroin use can vary depending on amount and how long the person has been using. Some negative symptoms such as itching, dry mouth, and nausea are common and are usually immediate. However, delayed symptoms like feeling drowsy for hours, slowed breathing, and a foggy mental state may be delayed. Frequent heroin users may also display ‘nodding’. This is where the user goes back and forth between being awake and asleep often while sitting up or standing. Long term users may also have signs such as needle marks and bruising, heart, live, or kidney problems, and collapsed veins. Skin sores and infections are also common. Unfortunately heroin use only has three likely outcomes, addiction, tolerance, and dependence. All can quickly lead to overdose that can cause brain damage, coma, and death. None of these options are healthy and all will require help to end the use of the drug. Help is available.

DARA Treatment for Heroin Addiction

At DARA Rehab heroin addiction can be treated effectively. The first steps are detox and a highly trained staff will help the user to successfully treat this part of the addiction and then help toward further recovery. DARA accomplishes this with individualized treatment plans and an overall wellness approach to mind, body, and spirit. DARA Thailand offers the added bonuses of being in a tropical setting at a redesigned resort that is still highly affordable. Anyone can seek treatment at DARA and should if heroin is a problem. This change in setting can make the actual recovery process much easier. When the first parts of recovery have passed DARA will help each person design a recovery and discharge plan to continue moving forward on their journey. If you or someone you love needs help, waste no more time and check out DARA Thailand today.

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