Drug Problems in Malaysia

Drug Problems in Malaysia

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The problem of drug abuse and addiction spans the globe these days. Global culture means global problems, seems to be what this boils down to. Malaysia has not been spared the rise in drug culture across the globe. People in prison in Malaysia described as having some type of drug problem. It is the drug problem that caused the crimes that got them locked up. What is more, the overall demographic of drug use in Malaysia is changing.

For many years, the statistics compiled by the Malaysian government revealed a specific picture of drug use in the country. Drug use and drug addiction was seen for a long time to be largely a problem for industrial workers, laborers in the fishing industry, and the rural poor. In short, drug abuse was historically a lower-economic problem and for this reason was not treated in ways that were the most effective.

In recent years, as Malaysia has worked to modernize and get in step with the 21st century, the nation has witnessed some marked changes in the demographics in drug use and addiction. The fastest rising group of drug users in Malaysia today is young people. Many of these younger drug users are students that come from affluent backgrounds.

The drug culture associated with youth culture more generally has taken over in Malaysia and with this there has been a rise in drug addiction among Malaysia’s youth and spikes in drug overdoses.

Other groups of people who seem to be caught up in drug use are social workers, workers in health care, and other high-stress industries. The overall availability of drugs of all kinds, combined with changes in the economic makeup of the country. Has led to a re-distribution of drug use and addiction. All of these changes have led to pressure to make changes in how drug use and addiction is viewed and treated.

Like every other nation around the world, Malaysia is confronted with decisions which involved treating these problems with a combination of criminalization and medical treatment. Should drug use be seen as a criminal issue or a matter of public health.

Malaysia has stepped up its drug and alcohol treatment approach. Even criminal penalties can involve mandatory treatment programs. Some of these treatment programs can be enforced for as long as two years. There is also an emerging upswing of more general drug and alcohol treatment options. As the drug problems ceased to be an issue relegated to the poor and lower economic strata. The public in Malaysia has woken up to the fact that anyone can get caught up in drug abuse and drug addiction.

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