Electronic Record-Keeping System Keeps DARA On Cutting Edge


Electronic-Record-Keeping-System-Keeps-DARA-On-Cutting-EdgeWe continually look forward at DARA in order to provide the highest quality of treatment and to maintain our international reputation as a premiere drug and alcohol treatment center. Now we have extended our ability to offer the best possible care by becoming the first international provider to use Kipu Systems, a leader in cutting edge technology for electronic medical records. Kipu is an easy-to-use, comprehensive system that has the capability of storing data on clients from the time of first contact all the way through treatment and into after-care. It allows everyone on the professional team to have access to the same information about clients, which avoids duplication and minimizes error. In addition to helping provide the best possible patient care, Kipu saves money in terms of hours spent on record-keeping and maximizes time our professional team can spend with clients.

Accurate, Accessible Records Important In Accreditation

Full implementation of the Kipu system is important in terms of accreditation by CARF International, as well. Members of CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) hold behavioral health facilities to the highest of standards. The accreditation process allows us to consult with CARF in order to continually improve our services and our relationship with our clients.  Because of Kipu, we will remain in the forefront of drug and alcohol treatment centers. As a leading international destination for rehab, DARA puts clients first. We tailor our services to meet each client’s individual needs. With the addition of Kipu systems, we will have easy access to the treatment process for each person who comes here to begin the road to recovery. It will help us to assure that each client has access to services needed and will emphasize our ongoing commitment to professional teamwork in treating our clients with the dignity and respect they expect and deserve.

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