From monk to meditation teacher


Moo has been practicing meditation for 15 years. He learned his techniques while training to be a monk, and now he uses them to help Dara Rehab clients recover from addiction. 

Meditating away from addiction

Moo says “meditation means you can be more in touch with what you are feeling. Rather than first acting on your emotions you are aware of them.”

From his years of studying to be a monk, Moo learned that through meditating you can lead a life with no suffering. That starts with being able to make better choices. 

“By practicing meditation you are more aware of you feel, and that means you are presented with a choice.”

How is meditation used to treat alcohol and drug addiction?

“Meditation and mindfulness are used in a range of ways,” says Carol Gordon MSc BSc, Group Treatment Director.

“We address the underlying reasons people abuse substances. They could have undergone some trauma that they need to work through. In some cases, it can be a particular instance of trauma, and in others, it may be a series of events.” 

Addressing trauma can be very confronting. 

Carol says “one example of how meditation can be used is for pre-therapy work. Recounting life events that have led you to rehab can be very challenging. Meditation is one tool that enables our clients to be more aware of their current emotional state so they can share those experiences.”

Individualised treatment

Meditation complements the broad approach to care at Dara Rehab. Moo customises every meditation practice for the individual, based on their own life experiences and how they will use that meditation.

The combination and approach to therapies are also customised. View our patient program here.

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