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Letting Go Of Toxic Relationships Part 2

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This is part two in a two-part series about letting go of toxic relationships.

In part one of this series, we talked about the importance of having healthy relationships in recovery. We also identified the characteristics of a toxic relationship. Now, let’s talk about healthy relationships.

How To Recognize Healthy Relationships

We have told you how to recognize a toxic relationship. We also want you to know the components of a healthy one.

Healthy relationships:

  • Build you up and make you feel loved and cared for
  • Make you feel good about yourself
  • Will be based on mutual respect
  • Are reliable and stable
  • Are about give and take
  • Revolve around shared values
  • Foster healthy communication
  • Are not centered on addiction
  • Encourage your recovery process
  • Support you in your efforts to make positive changes in your life

Toxic Relationships Vs. Positive Relationship

By now, you should have a general idea about the characteristics of both toxic and healthy relationships. Now, it is important to understand the effect each type of relationship can have on you. This way, you will see the benefits of healthy relationships and be more encouraged to seek them out – and avoid toxic ones. 

  • Toxic relationships drag you down. Healthy relationships lift you up.
  • Toxic relationships exhaust you. Healthy relationships energize you.
  • Toxic relationships create chaos in your life. Healthy relationships bring peace.
  • Toxic relationships revolve around addiction. Healthy relationships revolve around recovery.
  • Toxic relationships suck up your time. Healthy relationships enhance your life.

Enough cannot be said about how much of an influence relationships can have on your life. After all, you are the company you keep. If you hang around with people who empower you and encourage you to be your highest and best self, you will become a better, healthier, more well-balanced person. If you spend your time in toxic relationships, not only will your recovery be in jeopardy, so will your peace of mind.

To Enjoy Your Life And Experience The Gifts of Recovery, You Must Let Go Of Toxic Relationships

The only way you are going to be able to continue on your recovery journey is if you let go of toxic relationships and engage in healthy ones. You may have some toxic relationships with important people in your life that you aren’t willing to let go of – your parents, your spouse, or your close relatives, for example. This is understandable. We’re not telling you that you have to shut these people completely out of your life. But, we are encouraging to spend a minimal amount of time with them whenever possible so you can work on yourself and your recovery program.

Besides these important relationships, who else are you allowing into your energy field? Who are you spending time with? Where are you investing yourself when it comes to relationships?

Chances are, you can think of some people you hang out with who are toxic to you. We are talking about so-called friends who aren’t your friends at all. Maybe they are people you used to drink/drug/gamble/ have sex with. Maybe you are involved in a romantic relationship with someone who is toxic to you. Or maybe you known someone who always bring drama and negativity to your life.

We strongly recommend that you let go of THESE toxic relationships so you can grow in recovery. Replace them with healthy relationships and you will feel like a new person.

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