Help For Alcohol Abuse Begins With A Phone Call

Help For Alcohol Abuse Begins With A Phone Call

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Help For Alcohol Abuse Begins With A Phone Call – Let’s say you have found yourself in a situation where it’s an emergency that needs to be addressed with great urgency. What do you do? Perhaps, you call the emergency hotline. You’ve heard of cases where a phone call saved the life of a friend, family or loved one. Can you recall how a simple phone call got someone approved for a job? Informed someone of impending danger, or resolved daunting problems? Many amazing feats can be achieved with a phone call. Everyone can attest to the fact that phone calls go a long way in helping humans communicate faster, effectively and more efficiently. All these amazing things you know one simple phone call can do. Yet did you know that your freedom from alcohol abuse could also be just a simple phone call away?

Why make that Phone call?

If you are in the midst of an alcohol abuse crisis, or you’re acting on behalf of a friend or loved one struggling with alcohol abuse, the best step to initially take is making a phone call to a helpline in order to get in touch with someone experienced with alcohol abuse and dependency issues. There are a plethora of questions concerning drug and alcohol-related issues that can be addressed with a hotline call. The hotline staff serve as a link to help connect those in need with alcohol rehabilitation and recovery centers. Either locally, or anywhere across the country. If you plan to make this call, you can be rest assured that hotlines are staffed with compassionate and efficient individuals who are there to help. Hotline staff are usually friendly, helpful and will never judge you.

Are You Addicted to Alcohol?

Help For Alcohol Abuse Begins With A Phone CallMany people experiencing the ill effects of their drinking behavior don’t know for sure if they are addicted to alcohol or not. They are not sure if they need to see a professional and discuss their problems. This is among the many questions hotline staff can help you answer when you call. This alone is a good enough reason to give them a phone call. You don’t need to go and see a professional to ask these questions again. If you are asking yourself similar questions, chances are at the very least, you are experiencing some difficulties related to alcohol abuse. The first step to your freedom is to acknowledge your addiction.

A hotline call can provide some quick answers for those who have accepted that a problem exists, but are unsure of how to proceed in seeking treatment and those who are still questioning the seriousness of an alcohol problem. Information received from this call can help one make informed decisions about an existing alcohol abuse or dependency, and about seeking further help such as inpatient alcohol rehab.

Some of the signs of alcohol dependence include:

  • Tolerance to the effects of alcohol
  • Experiencing alcohol withdrawal syndrome
  • A desire/inability to cut down on drinking behavior
  • Continued use despite being aware of the problems it is causing.

Therefore, one or more of these occurrences could be a marker to knowing you are alcohol dependent. One may experience the devastating effects of alcohol abuse even without seeing all these signs. If you think you or a loved one might be in the cancerous tentacles of alcohol dependency and could use the help of a rehab or recovery center, call to discuss your available options.

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