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Heroin Changes Lives

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No matter how loudly the message is delivered relating to the serious consequences of heroin use it still continues to fall on far too many deaf ears. Here are some of the ways in which this wickedly addictive drug will change a person’s life.

Changes in lifestyle:

Because heroin takes over a user’s life there will be lifestyle changes that become more noticeable as dependence deepens. They will appear in various ways, including an increase in anxiousness and a single-minded intention to ensure that access to the drug is ever-present. The need for that next ‘hit’ builds and becomes more intense.

Long sleeve clothing may have to be worn even in warm weather due to the visible track-marks injecting heroin causes. Withdrawing from the regular company of family and friends is also a common trait. While this can partly be put down to the fact that regular use means they need more time on their own to ‘jack-up’. It is also because they are afraid that others will find out about their heroin use. Heroin use often leaves a person lonely and isolated.

It is not uncommon for heroin users to let their health and personal hygiene slip leaving them with an unkempt, scruffy look.

Changes in health:

It is quite obvious that heroin users do not realise the extent of damage that this highly-powerful opioid can cause. Surely if they did they would leave it well alone in the first place. This damage can often be life threatening with examples such as contracting HIV and hepatitis due to sharing needles. The chance of a miscarriage is increased for women and fatal overdoses by those using too much when out of it are all common problems a heroin addict must face.

On top of this, long-term heroin use causes damage to many of the body’s vital organs. A heroin user is increasing the chances of permanent damage to the kidney, liver and heart. The drug reduces the effectiveness of their immune system and a heroin user will suffer regular infections due to the fact the body is unable to fight off unwanted bacteria.

Additives aggravate:

It is common knowledge that the street-heroin purchased is full of additives. These coagulate and clog vital blood vessels which can lead to permanent organ damage, heart attacks and strokes.

An even bigger danger is that some of the additives included are life-threatening and are capable of killing a person within minutes of use. The sad fact is that these dangerous substances are only identified once death has occurred.

Heroin Use – Help is a must:

If you or someone close is suffering from a growing dependence upon heroin it is vital that this is admitted. Denial is a huge barrier for those trying to quit the drug. They deny to themselves and others that their problem is not as big as it really is.

Overcoming denial will allow those who are deeply attached to the drug to understand what the problems are and how they will continue to develop before focused rehabilitation treatment is provided. It is often the case that heroin addicts need several attempts to beat their habit, but beat it they can.

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