It Is Crystal Clear The Effects Of Crystal Meth Cloud The Mind And Body

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The effects of crystal meth can devastate those who become hooked as well as their friends, family and loved ones.

It needs to be made crystal clear to users of this drug as well as anyone contemplating it use just why this is a substance to be feared.

What’s with crystal meth?

This highly addictive drug belongs to the drug methamphetamine and crystal meth is simply a shortening of: Crystal Methamphetamine.

It is a white crystalline drug that is either snorted, smoked, injected or taken orally. No matter which way a user decides to take their ‘medicine’, one thing is for sure: Once tried, more needs to be supplied!

Make no mistake, once taken you will feel a very strong desire to continue using it. Indeed, many become hooked after their first couple of hits. This is not scaremongering it is fact.

Why such an urge to continue use?

The effect of crystal meth takes no prisoners in terms of your mind or body. According to many addicts, the drug creates a ‘rush’ that is hard to beat. Some state it gives a massive sense of wellbeing and happiness. Their confidence is at an all-time high and they feel as if their energy levels are boundless.

These traits and the fact that crystal meth effects can easily last between 6 and 8 hours (although up to 24 hours is not unknown) make it a perfect ‘club’ drug.

The reason it is so highly addictive is that one of the major effects of this drug is to burn up your body’s resources. This process creates a devastating dependence which will only be satisfied by taking more of the drug.

When should you consider seeking help in terms of your crystal meth use?

The straight answer is very quickly! The issues this class of drug create are best dealt with via a responsible rehabilitation clinic. They have the accommodation, expertise, knowledge and qualified staff who are ideally placed to deal with such problems.

Before we touch on such establishments let’s consider what type of crystal meth user you would be classed as when seeking drug rehab assistance:

A low intensity abuser:

These users tend to snort or swallow crystal meth. They excuse their indulgence by convincing themselves that it is helping them to stay awake long enough to finish something that has been neglected or to meet a deadline.

Others in this category want the effective appetite suppressant abilities the drug offers to aid them in their weight loss efforts.

While it is not their intention, by continuing such use the effects of crystal meth could very well turn them into:

A ‘binge’ abuser:

These users are getting into uncontrolled use of the drug. They need a more intense, stronger hit, and want it fast. This form of use is generally where psychological addiction begins to form.

These users are leaving themselves wide-open to all sorts of physical and mental problems. They are prime candidates for moving into the heaviest category of users. As they do so this confirms addiction:

A high intensity abuser:

If you are in this category then inpatient drug rehabilitation services should be a major priority. Such users find that nothing else but crystal meth matters.

A fierce determination will develop with this category of user. That determination will be to ensure they never face a ‘crash’ and the startling physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that accompany periods without the drug.

The huge problem these users face is that in order to achieve a similar high to their previous one they need to take more of the drug.

As this spiral continues so the users’ addiction increases. If long term rehab help is not sought as a priority there is a possibility the end result will be fatal.

“Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today”

When it comes to seeking help for the effects of crystal meth abuse this old saying certainly rings true.

Please do not delay seeking the assistance of a qualified addiction rehabilitation centre. The longer you leave it, the harder it will become, both in terms of taking the courageous step to seek help, and going through the withdrawal and full recovery process.

Where to seek help:

The first thing to state here is that you should not be blinkered into thinking domestic drug rehab facilities are your only choice.

A growing number of people with crystal meth dependence and addiction problems are looking to overseas rehab establishments with Thailand a major focal point.

Here are just 3 reasons why:


Such establishments offer professional crystal meth addiction assistance at extremely affordable prices. Far less than in your home country.

Professional, caring, fully qualified staff:

It is important for those with dependence and addiction problems to understand that this is a global problem. As such staff at overseas rehabilitation centres have qualifications and counselling abilities of the same high standards demanded in western countries. Many of these staff are expatriates and work in unison with fully qualified local colleagues.

This unison brings a fusion that is ideal for helping addicts work through their addiction. You will be in an environment that is far more amenable to recovery than many residential rehab centres your home country can offer.


This may be the last of just 3 advantages offered by luxury rehab resorts we will mention, but it is without a doubt one of the most crucial aspects for those looking to beat their crystal meth addiction.

Aftercare options should be flexible, constant and monitored. Responsible overseas addiction recovery resorts will place such care as a major priority. This will ensure you are given the best possible opportunity of avoiding a relapse.

Such ongoing care will also help you carve a new life for yourself which is void of the potentially crippling effects crystal meth can create.

The bottom line:

Many recreational drug users think that drugs are the solution to the current problems in their life.

The reality is that drugs such as crystal meth almost certainly end up as being a major problem in their present and future life.

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