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LGBTQ Addiction – Addiction is defined as the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. While most addicts will tell you they are addicted to a particular drug or drugs and alcohol, many are also addicted to the lifestyle that drugs and alcohol bring. This may be especially true of those in the LGBTQ community. It is often believed that the LGBTQ community is synonymous with drug and alcohol abuse. While the rate of drug use is higher in the community it is often related to issues other than simply use. Many in the LGBTQ community have had to hide their lifestyle and in order to take time to relax and truly be themselves an outlet must be found. This outlet if often drugs and alcohol.

Legal and illegal substances can numb emotions and feelings, while lowering inhibitions. This allows those who have had to hide their lifestyle to take part in it without concern. The freedom itself is intoxicating and can lead to further drug use and abuse. The use becomes a part of who the person is and can quickly become a problem. When using the social stigma and discrimination, as well as stress levels around being LGBTQ can fade. The focus becomes the addiction and the freedom is seemingly brings. This does not mean that those who are using are lost causes, simply that once the addiction is discovered and the person is ready for help, the addiction is just a small part of the problem when compared to the heterosexual population.

LGBTQ Addiction – Understand that being LGBTQ does not necessarily mean that drug use is a definite, just that it is more likely than in the general population. In fact, being LGBTQ does not predispose a person to drug use, it is simply an issue that could lead to drug use. This is also not to say that there is a problem with being LGBTQ, but there is still a strong stigma attached to such lifestyles for many. Many who are LGBTQ come from families or fear they are part of families that will not accept their sexuality or the questioning of sexuality. These individuals may feel that drug use is the only way possible to let down their guard enough to explore their sexuality or to deal with the stigma attached to that sexuality. This is a topic that needs to be addressed when in recovery. The statistics of those who are homosexual or questioning sexuality are overwhelming as far as drug use when compared to heterosexual counterparts. Rates of use are 10 to twenty percent higher for many substances. While it seems the answer may simply be rehab, this can be trickier with the LGBTQ community. This could be due to denial of rehab because of sexuality, but could also be due to feeling like an outcast in recovery due to their beliefs. Fortunately, there are rehab centers specifically designed for LGBTQ users. Dara Rehab in Thailand specialises in addiction treatment for LGBTQ individuals. So the excuses to go into rehab have been removed, there are centers and people trained to help regardless of sexuality. Will you make the choice to get help or find help for those in your life who want it? A few keystrokes or a phone call could change a life.

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