LGBTQ Issues in Addiction

LGBTQ Issues in Addiction

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LGBTQ Issues in Addiction – Addiction is an all too common issue for many people. This is even more true for those in the LGBTQ community. There are numerous reasons that addiction is more prevalent in the LGBTQ community. Many of those reasons will be discussed in the following article.

LGBTQ Issues – Minority Stress

One main reason that addiction is a problem for LGBTQ individuals is minority stress. Minority stress is the negative effects associated with social conditions considered adverse and experienced by a group that is marginalized socially. This is unfortunately something gay and trans gendered people have to deal with on a daily basis.

The stress triggered by this social prejudice also comes across in discriminatory policies and laws. Often anti-gay and anti-trans gendered social prejudice comes from the belief that this lifestyle is wrong or bad. Prejudice is often expressed in roundabout ways like a secretary or receptionist asking the members of a gay or lesbian couple who the ‘real’ parent is of a child.  The threats may be more direct such as bullying or physical assault of a same sex couple. Stress can be damaging regardless of the way in which it is caused. Continued stress in this form can lead to a need for escape.

Many LGBTQ individuals escape through addiction.

LGBTQ Issues – Discrimination in Employment

Another common issue is discrimination in employment. It is still legal in some areas to refuse to hire someone based solely on sexual preference. Some areas also allow the firing or other forms of discrimination based on sexual preference. While this is becoming less common, the stigma of being LGBTQ is still prevalent. This leads to employment instability or the need to lead a double life to hide sexual preference. Additionally, if someone cannot find steady employment then housing and the meeting of basic needs may also become problematic. If basic needs being met and employment cannot be found then addiction may be a way to cope with the stress that becomes every day life.

LGBTQ Issues Discrimination & Housing

To further expound on the issue, numerous gay and lesbian couples have reported some issues with gaining housing simply based on sexual preference. Being denied housing makes stable employment more difficult and a horrible cycle can be created. Though it is changing, some states or areas also do not recognize same sex marriage meaning the relationships are not legally recognized. This can cause issues with children and gaining access to health care, among other things.

These are just some of the stresses that LGBTQ individuals face daily. The levels of stress are often higher than the general population and often drugs or alcohol are an outlet for such stresses. Drugs and alcohol can then lead to an addiction and at some point a need for recovery. This means finding a recovery center that understands and meets the needs of those who are LGBTQ. This should be taken into account if you are searching for a recovery center for yourself or someone you love. Life is hard, there is no need to waste time with a recovery center that is not going to help deal with the real issues you face.

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