Drug Use New Zealand: Wastewater Shares Shocking Tale

Drug Use New Zealand: Wastewater Shares Shocking Tale

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Drug Use New Zealand: Wastewater Shares Shocking Tale

Wastewater testing is not uncommon, but the findings for drug use in New Zealand are still shocking. Whether it is meth found in Northland, MDMA in Christchurch, or cocaine in Auckland, a drug problem truly exists. The results of a testing of the wastewater from November 2018 to January 2019 have shown positive results for cocaine, meth, and MDMA. The test covered approximately 80 percent of the population. The meth levels alone were higher in New Zealand than all of Europe. A real problem for drug use in New Zealand exists.

Breakdown of Drug Use in New Zealand

Preliminary results are staggering, showing Kiwis consuming about 16 kilograms of meth per week especially near Northland in which about 20 million dollars per week in social harm was done. The second highest levels in the Canterbury District were for MDMA which averaged 4 kilograms per week. Finally came 700 grams weekly of cocaine a week in the areas. The lower cocaine use likely means a smaller user base and thus a smaller demand. This may be related to the price of cocaine in the area. However, Australia is well known for high cocaine usage among residents.

To break this down even further, wastewater testing allows police to estimate that about 9.6 million dollars in detected drugs are used weekly. This is about 500 million dollars in profit for criminals each year. Wastewater was tested to help police and related agencies make informed decisions about controlling and eliminating the drug trade in these areas.

Why People Use

There is no single reason that people use drugs, though there are some common reasons that may cause people to get started. Typically drug use that develops into addiction starts at a young age. Often, young people take drugs for the following reasons:

  • Fitting in
  • Relaxing
  • Escaping
  • Boredom
  • To appear mature
  • Out of rebellion
  • To experiment

For most young people drugs start as a solution to a problem, but then they become a problem that can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, this also often cuts life short due to health problems related to the addiction or overdose.

How Do Drugs Work

Drugs come in many forms, but all are essentially poisons. Usually, the amount taken determines the effects on the user. Small amounts tend to speed you up, acting as a stimulant, while larger amounts slow you down or act as sedatives. A large enough amount will kill a user whether it is a first time use or after repeated use.

Drugs also affect the mind. The effect on the brain are why people become addicted. This is because the user’s perception is altered. Even though the user feels they are behaving normally, they are often being irrational, odd, destructive, or inappropriate. Drugs tend to affect the memory and overall brain function. Memories of what happened may be lost or harder to recall. Actual information can also be harder to retrieve from the memory when under the influence.

Drugs further affect the personality. A once happy, cheerful, and outgoing person can turn into a despondent, depressed person seemingly overnight. Students may begin to fail academically and adults may suffer at work and financially. Illegal drugs and improper use of legal drugs is dangerous in every aspect.

When to Seek Help

Seeking help for a drug problem can be scary, embarrassing, and an emotional experience. Many wait too long to seek treatment and lose their lives or end up in jail. It can be hard to know when to seek professional help for many reasons. However, the truth is that drug addiction is not a character flaw, but a disease. It takes much more than willpower to give up drug use. This is part of the effects on the brain, the actual brain chemistry has been altered so that the body believes it will not function or live without the drug.

If you have tried to quit, but cannot, then you likely have an addiction and definitely need professional help. Even if you have stopped using, but are still struggling to maintain non-use, professional help can be highly beneficial. There is no need to wait for rock bottom before seeking treatment. As soon as you can make a commitment to becoming drug free, seek help. It will not be an easy road, but it is one that can change and potentially save your life.

Help at DARA

Drug Use New Zealand: Wastewater Shares Shocking Tale

DARA is a resort style, in-patient facility that can help you or your loved one on the road to recovery. No matter what type of addiction you are suffering from in life, DARA has the resources to help at affordable rates. One of the best ways to break the addiction cycle is to take yourself out of the environment. DARA’s drug free environment offers a 6 to 12 week program that allows you time to detox and learn to handle triggers that could signal a relapse once back home.

DARA Treatments

DARA treats addiction through multiple avenues that address mind, body, and spirit. Much like a holistic medical approach, different avenues offer a better chance at long term recovery. DARA focuses on the use of therapy known as CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy, physical wellness, nutrition, and education.

Therapy is offered in both individual and group formats with each patient receiving an individualized plan depending on what they need most upon entry. Through therapy, common triggers and issues are addressed and a plan put in place to avoid or handle these issues once returning home. Education classes on addiction are also offered to help individuals understand the dynamics of an addiction and why recovery comes with challenges that must be overcome.

Physical wellness and nutrition, along with times of meditation and relaxation are also part of treatment. The physical body is often damaged from drug use and nutrition and hygiene are neglected. This damage can be reversed in many cases through improved physical habits and proper nutrition. DARA provides top chefs in the area to prepare meals for patients and personal trainers are also given to help each individual get into better physical condition.

Get Help Now

CLICK HERE to get a free confidential addiction rehabilitation assessment. Alternatively, you can click on the live chat icon to chat with someone now. Facilities are available throughout Australia in Melbourne, Auckland, Brisbane, and many other locations.

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