Personal Conflict in Recovery

Personal Conflict in Recovery

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Personal Conflict in Recovery – Personal conflict is a part of life, whether we want to face it or not. When in recovery the times personal conflict occurs can create a great deal of stress for the individual. There are two types of people that appear when something uncomfortable happens, those who fight the uncomfortable and those who face it. Both people believe what they are doing is right, but the reactions are very different. Those who fight it are always hating, hiding, and blaming. These individuals can make themselves miserable when changes occur. No matter the change you must deal with it and it is best to face it with a positive attitude. Those who face the uncomfortable learn to get comfortable with it. These individuals learn to handle any situation by trying to make the best of it. So how do you become the person that handles the uncomfortable more comfortable?

Learn to be patient, even when it is uncomfortable. Life is painfully uncomfortable, that is an unfortunate fact of life, but there are things you can do. The universal root of uncomfortable is the universal truth of rejection. Some people will like you, some will not. You must be willing to face the truth head on through all those people, places, and things no matter the feelings. When you feel out of control or uncomfortable turn to the people that are in your corner. There are always people in your corner whether you have to ask, volunteer, or pay someone like a counselor. Having these people and a place in which you really feel supported and loved is important to learning how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

When you do find yourself in an uncomfortable position, talk about the things that make you uncomfortable. Just start with one person and let it grow to others. This will help you stay more comfortable or get more comfortable with what is bothering you. This can also lead you to find others who may feel the same way or who have overcome such feelings. So now the question becomes who are your people? Where are your places? And are you patient enough to get there?

Whether you are the type of person who dreads the uncomfortable or the type that embraces it you can determine how you handle any given situation. You are in control of yourself and how you react to all that happens. Recovery offers you a chance to start life over. How do you want to start your new life, ready to take on the world or afraid of what may happen? The choice really is yours.

You have made the decision to enter into recovery or at the most you are trying to figure out if you want to enter that part of your life. Once you make the decision then you can also make the necessary changes as needed. What is the first thing you would choose to change if you could change anything about your future tomorrow? Whatever your answer, hold tight to it and get ready to make that change. Set your goals and move forward in your recovery as soon as you can.

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