Saying No To Illegal Drugs Is Far Harder Than Going With The Flow

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‘Yes’ or ‘No’ are very regular, natural responses given to questions or requests others ask. In the vast majority of cases you will give a straight answer, because that is how it should be.

But, there is one common question that many young people say ‘yes’ to when they really mean ‘no’.

Sampling illegal drugs:

If a friend or one of the group you regularly hang out with let it be known they have been offered drugs and are definitely ‘going to have a go’ while urging you to join them, you are faced with an instant dilemma.

On the one hand drugs are something that will have been talked about, but on the other, you are in no rush to get involved. When the chance to try them becomes very real you do not want to be seen as a ‘stick in the mud’ or appear scared by the prospect.

In many cases the response you give will go against your better judgement. Out of a misplaced sense of loyalty, or perhaps a fear of being spurned by those who are ‘up for it’, you will agree.

Once in this situation you will then do your level best to silently convince yourself that the uneasy decision made can surely do no harm whatsoever.

This peer pressure is something that you must resist, and for very good reasons. Here are just a few examples of why declining such an offer is really the only sensible way to go. Please rest assured there are many, many more waiting in the wings:

What is being offered?

It is very likely you will have heard anecdotal tales of just how ‘wicked’ drugs such as ecstasy, cocaine, methamphetamines, or its purer and highly potent derivative; ice, make the user feel.

It is very unlikely that you or the others involved in this upcoming experiment will understand what other chemicals and fillers these drugs contain. If you are in the dark, here are a few pointers:

Think of chemicals used in rat poison, battery acid, drain cleaner or dog worming tablets, then consider traces of stimulants, anti-depressants, caffeine, corn starch and talcum powder.

The list goes on, and in many cases the contents of what you actually take are dependent upon what the ‘basement kitchen mixologists’ have available at any given time.

As methamphetamine use is rapidly rising let’s take a quick reality check on what happens before it lands in your hands.

This viciously addictive drug has ruined many lives and is guaranteed to destroy many more. Many of those involved in its production are already heavily addicted.

Quality control is not in their vocabulary, having said that, neither is health and safety. The mix of blends and slipshod production methods often used lead to a highly inflammable ‘working’ environment. On top of that the finished product leaves behind excessive amounts of toxic waste.

The hazards of this endeavour can lead to horrific consequences for these unqualified chemists. Many suffer severe burns due to spillage, or accidents caused while boiling the mixes. Others go a fatal step further by causing explosions that destroy the kitchen and themselves.

Forget the dodgy ingredients, the high’s received make it all worthwhile!

It cannot be denied that the raft of readily available street drugs gives some very pleasurable feelings. These highs vary in length and intensity, but we are generally talking in terms of just a few hours per hit.

This relatively brief high leaves very ‘moreish’ desires and as you begin to ‘come down’, many feel a strong urge to seek out more in an attempt to recreate and maintain those original good feelings.

What goes up must come down!

This very old and apt saying fits perfectly with illegal drug use. Yes, these highly addictive drugs can get you right up there, but this comes at a price. As the effects of the drug wear off your mind and body waste very little time in letting you know.

Feelings of immense tiredness will wash over you. This is not really surprising as during a drug taking session sleep is not something you will entertain.

An overpowering lethargy hits many. Activities enjoyed prior to becoming involved with drugs will be a struggle. The more often you dabble the less likely you are to even bother attempting things you used to enjoy.

Anxiety, increased nervousness and a much shorter fuse to your temper will simmer just below the surface, and as a general malaise sets in your thoughts will turn to how you can ‘make things better’.

Simple solution – Go and get more!

Those previous highs will be remembered and many will convince themselves that if they just had ‘one more go’ they would be able to get themselves together.

It is very important to understand that your body and mind take to illegal drugs readily and quickly build up a tolerance to them. The more often you indulge, the more you will want.

Regular thoughts of how good things felt when you were high will surface. In contrast to this the lows you suffer become deeper. Thoughts of seeking more will become stronger. Once this cycle quickens you are heading towards the early stages of dependence

The cravings will increase as will the desire to keep using. But over time you need larger quantities simply to achieve the same high as previously experienced.

The longer this cycle turns, the harder it is to stop using. The uneasy feelings of coming down will increase as will your desire to ‘score’ again and again.

Drug use is NOT easy to control:

Illegal drug use is something that is very difficult to control. Their highly addictive nature sees to that.

Saying NO and meaning NO when given the chance to experiment may be very hard to do at the time, but this response is nowhere near as difficult to bear as the potential heartbreak excessive drug use can bring.

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