Simon's Testimonial


I would highly recommend DARA to anyone serious about changing their life in a positive way. Rehab alone can’t always produce miracles, but DARA certainly gave me the time, space, confidence and motivation to make a radical and positive change in my lifestyle.

The facilities were top quality, and this took a lot of stress out of a potentially uncomfortable situation. Accommodation, food and service from the staff were all exceptional.

The holistic approach including therapy, exercise, meditation and relaxation works at many levels, and brought about a gentle and yet profound change in my personal outlook. I can honestly say it was a life changing experience, and can only thank everyone involved.

Considering the entire package, I can say I was entirely satisfied, and believe it represents excellent value for money. I look back on my stay with many fond memories.

— Simon

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Anne -

Anne Lazarakis joined the DARA Rehab team from Sydney, Australia. She writes about addiction and mental health on a global, local and community level. She also relays personal accounts of substance abuse and recovery through the stories of our clients, their families and our own team members.

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