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From Spain to Koh Chang


Today we received this kind email from a client who traveled here all the way from Spain. Traveling halfway around the world takes courage and we appreciate our clients can have questions before their flights. O* was a little unique as she was travelling with her friend Virginia* so both of them could enter treatment together. Her enthusiasm for monkey sitings also made us smile. She was in complete disbelief that she would actually have a chance to spot monkeys in a natural environment, without being in a zoo. Sometimes we take these things for granted here in Thailand, but we are thrilled to share the experience was as “magical” as she hoped it would be.

Dear Darren,

I write you this email to tell you that I am delighted to be in DARA. All the staff are wonderful and super professional. The clients are very respectful. DARA is full of exceptional people. 

The place is incredible, I have enjoyed the pool very much, and the fantastic cuisine made by the chef and his staff (so generous and such nice people).

I also have to mention the cleaners who always have a smile. These are precious people. And finally, of course, the counselors, reception and the Personal Training team (these one are making me work!). My muscles are getting bigger, I become fitter, and healthier, even if I have a little DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness), thanks to Moo, my Personal Trainer. 

I already had my first meeting with my counselor, Declan, and Barry as well. It has been very comfortable even if is also hard to explain your troubles to somebody that you don’t know. Though in some ways it makes things easier.

As you know my friend Virginia is here with me too in treatment. We both feel very confident and very warmly welcomed by the whole team, and clients.

Yesterday morning I had the visit of 7 monkeys (like the movie) and it was so beautiful. A magical experience. 

Here nature is amazing and even if it is the rainy season we are enjoying this tropical weather a great deal. 

On Sunday, Virginia* and I joined the group at the beach and enjoyed with the waves. We had coffee with ice cream and it was delicious.

Slowly, I am adjusting to the meal hours, as in Spain we have lunch between 13:30 and 15h, and dinner between 20:30 and 22h. Here, as you know it is all earlier. So it’s a big difference but we are very adaptable to new cultures, and we are embracing these changes.

Just to tell you that I am very happy to have done this first step to recovery, but such a transcendental step.

I have to say the only challenge is, that it’s difficult to be so far away from my family, but there is a very good internet connection and I can to them speak and see them every day.

Thank you and thanks to all DARA team!


*The names O and Virginia are not real names. These have been changed for their discretion.

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