Stop Waiting for Life to Happen

Stop Waiting for Life to Happen

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Stop Waiting for Life to Happen

How many times in your life have you made the statement: When I get enough money or When I am older or even When I am more prepared? These are all forms of procrastination. As addicts we tend to procrastinate on many things, especially those that are not feeding the addiction. This procrastination causes us to get stuck in a negative routine in which things never get done and nothing ever really changes, but recovery offers a chance for a new start.

We are living in amazing times with limitless possibilities. So what are you doing with the life you have right now? Are you wasting it feeling sorry for yourself? Are you stuck in a boring dead end job that is not meeting your needs? Do you want to change? You have options. We are literally one click away from connecting with anyone in the world, but we often feel extremely alone. So how do we correct this and what does it have to do with recovery? The answer will hopefully become clear with the remainder of this article.

We are often taught that love is conditional, but this is not really true. We are all basically the same, but we are often so self-focused that we do not really connect. The first step in truly connecting is to know yourself and to re-frame how you think about yourself. This may sound self-centered but it is actually helpful. Life is a mirror that reflects what we put in front of it so if you re-frame yourself and become positive and focused on the good then that good will reflect back on you. However the same is true of the negative. If you put anger and hatred into your life then it will be reflected back on you as well. You cannot go through life attached to your past and expect things to change.

How you choose to live this moment and all that follow it is what can change your life. You can write your own story, starting now, what will it be? So get started by first being true to yourself so that you can connect to others in their truth. This is also why a support system is so important in recovery. The people in your support group will help you build a positive reflection and keep growing.

So now that you know how to get started start being honest with yourself and others to find those connections that allow you to write your best story. Use what you have and where you are to create the life you desire. While it may not be where you want to end up ultimately, it is a good place to start. Your journey will not always be easy or simple, but if you truly want what you are working toward, you can make it happen. So what will your new story be? Will you work toward big goals, a new home, a new job, a license, freedom? The choices are endless.

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