Tools for Living Offer Hope for Those in Recovery


Tools-for-Living-Offer-Hope-for-Those-in-RecoveryWhen alcoholics and drug addicts finally reach the point of seeking help, they usually feel ashamed, guilty and hopeless. They desperately need the tools for living that will give them hope in recovery. The typical pattern of substances abusers includes numerous failed attempts to quit using or drinking on their own. Denial is their No. 1 symptom. They make excuses, tell lies, become increasingly defensive, try desperately to justify their behavior, and believe they can continue to hide their addiction from themselves and others. By the time they make the decision to enter a rehab facility, they need to detox from their substance of choice first and then start to learn a new way of thinking and living.

Maintaining Health and Hope is Important in Sobriety

Achieving and maintaining sobriety is not an easy task, but it is the most worthwhile task an alcoholic or drug addict can undertake. Detox is the first step in regaining health. Depending on many factors, including   the length of time someone has been drinking or using, the severity of withdrawal symptoms varies. Close medical supervision is needed. Once physical balance is on the mend, then emotional, mental and spiritual health comes next. Support groups, education in how to relieve stress without the use of drugs or alcohol, and therapy to explore underlying issues are the avenues to hope.

Hope in Recovery Means Developing a New Purpose in Life

Learning to develop a purpose in life gives life new meaning. Expanding one’s thinking beyond the self-absorption of substance abuse brings hope in recovery. The best way to change negative thinking into positive is to build confidence by sharing with others who have conquered their addictions. A support group can provide a guiding hand of hope on the pathway to sobriety. As confidence grows, so does the ability to discover one’s personal attributes and talents. These discoveries may take place within the family unit, with colleagues, with spiritual advisors, and even spending time outdoors communing with nature.

Hope is a major element of preventing relapse because without hope and connection to others, the lure of addiction remains strong.
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