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This site is dedicated to giving comprehensive information relating to all things Thailand has to offer in terms of addiction rehabilitation.

There are compelling reasons why more people with dependency issues than ever before are choosing the luxurious rehabilitation establishments here to begin their journey towards successful recovery.

The information, advice and comparisons given will be clear, unbiased and informative. Our aim is to help those with addiction issues and their loved ones understand what services and treatment are available.

Armed with this knowledge it will allow sensible, informed decisions relating to which establishment and methods of treatment best fit your own personal needs.

Brief country overview:

The beautiful Kingdom of Thailand has long been a quality holiday destination for those in the know. Whether you are seeking tranquil, palm-fringed beaches, jungle and rain forest adventures, stunning mountain trails or lively seaside destinations with entertainment to suit all tastes you will find it here.

The capital, Bangkok is arguably the most vibrant city in Southeast Asia, the nation’s road and air routes are of a high standard, and accommodation options range from basic backpack facilities to some of the most luxurious island resorts in the world.

It is known as “The Land of Smiles” for a very good reason. The local population are friendly and helpful, those looking for a calm, spiritual experience have countless stunning temples to choose from.

It goes without saying that Thai food is renowned the world over, but you will not find flavours, taste and variety better than in its place of origin.

Wrap all of this and much, much more up with prices to suit every pocket and it is easy to understand the country’s appeal.

Medical Tourism

Thailand has long been a preferred country in terms of medical tourism. The accommodation, facilities and treatment are first class with prices that are far lower than their western equivalents.

One independent arm of these services is the well-established and respected rehabilitation sector.

The reason inpatient rehab establishments are commonly referred to as Luxury Rehab Resorts will become patently clear through the comparisons and detailed information explained below.

At a glance comparisons of 4 major Thai luxury rehab resorts

The more comfortable an addict feels about their initial recovery environment the better the chance of successfully progressing towards full, long term recovery.

The comparison below will describe the location of these rehab establishments and then lead into details relating to accommodation, facilities, treatment and costs that should pleasantly surprise.

Dara Rehab

This first class operation offers choice galore in many ways:


Dara completely understand how vitally important it is for recovering clients to feel at one with their surroundings during initial rehabilitation. This is why they have invested in not one, but two first class establishments in different locations:

Flagship Establishment – Koh Chang – Idyllic Tropical Island Setting:

For many men and women preparing themselves for inpatient rehabilitation treatment a setting that offers relaxing palm-fringed beaches is their preferred choice.

Koh Chang is located in the Gulf of Thailand.  As well as beautiful beaches there is a whole lot more. It is Thailand’s 2nd largest island and is part of the stunning Mu Ko Chang National Park, 70 pct. of which is marine.

Calm, relaxed beaches, remote resorts and quality spa’s blend with busier tourist spots that provide restaurants, lively nightlife options and accommodation offerings ranging from basic backpacker huts to ultra-luxurious resorts.

The island’s interior is jungle and rain forest dotted with waterfalls. It is also home to a healthy wildlife population.

Activities abound both in water and on land. Think snorkeling and scuba diving in crystal clear water teeming with sea life and sparkling coral, or elephant rides and hikes along jungle trails to glorious waterfalls where a refreshing dip is mandatory! Rest assured, there is a lot more in between.

Rehab accommodation and facilities:

Luxurious comfort is a given at both locations. Koh Chang incorporates a luxury hotel with its intensive rehabilitation centre. Their quality villas sit in tropical gardens and clients have the choice of staying in Garden or Pool villas.

All offer air-conditioning, large en-suite bathrooms, verandahs, refrigerators and DVD players.

Dara allows clients to choose between deluxe, superior and suite rooms, all of which come with air-conditioning, en-suite bathrooms and DVD players.

Wi-Fi is available throughout both locations and sensible use of electronic equipment is allowed.

Both establishments have large swimming pools with loungers and relaxation areas, fully equipped gym’s, massage rooms, meditation centres, lounge facilities with a book and DVD library and relaxed communal dining areas. 

Rehab staff and treatment methods:

A very healthy ratio of internationally certified therapists are included in the 70 full time staff. There are 50 full time staff at their Koh Chang base.

Individually personalized 4, 8 and 12 week programs are offered at both establishments with an additional offering of a unique, no obligation 7 day ‘first steps program’ that has been specifically designed for those who are hesitant about their ability to commit to a complete program.

This shortened stay cuts no corners and clients will have the opportunity to fully experience the luxurious and relaxing environment, daily routines and treatment sessions.

The vast majority of those choosing this option have their fears and questions answered in such a positive manner that a full program of treatment is their next step towards full recovery.

Two trademark treatment methods are available. ‘Steps to Recovery’ is a 12-step program and the ‘Integrated Treatment Model’ method includes key aspects of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Both treatment options combine physical, social, psychological and spiritual modules through a variety of individual and group based activities.

Weekly excursions are arranged for all clients and the wide choice of activities available in both locations are something clients will thoroughly enjoy. These day trips are rewarding and give additional encouragement to clients during their recovery.

Two other very important treatment options are available to all clients. Those suffering with multiple issues can take advantage of the first class Dual Diagnosis Treatment, and it is strongly advised that all clients choose continued aftercare treatment from an excellent choice offered by Dara.

Ongoing Complimentary stay:

Dara want clients to fully understand and appreciate that they are an integral part of the recovery process and will be there for them as long as required.

To this end they offer a very appealing one week complimentary stay each year. This ‘tune-up’ is available to every client that has successfully stayed sober for an agreed period of time.

Such a generous offer is another reason this top class establishment is the choice of many suffering from dependence issues.


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