Values in Recovery

Values in Recovery

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Values are something you hear about often but not something that many people truly think about in life. If someone asked you right now what you valued in life you could probably think of a few quick answered but they would probably be superficial. However, if someone asked you what your values were in life it may take longer to form an answer. We all have values in life. Values are universal, though what they are is very specific to each person. There are some values that the majority of people have, those of self-respect, identity, health, love, and integrity. This means that most people expect and offer these things to others.

Your personal values are intended to help you lay a solid foundation for permanent change. In fact, your values are the principles in life that you use to find meaning and fulfillment.  They form the foundation for your identity and if consistent, your identity will reflect this consistency. This means you need to construct a foundation of practical values from which you will manage the most important aspects of your life.  In a healthy person, values provide the motivation that drives behavior, the impetus for decision making and the foundation for feelings and emotions. In active addiction we tend to forget our values as everything revolves around and is focused on the addiction. Values are put on the back burner and the addiction is the only concern and focus. For recovery to take place and to make the transition to health, you have to evolve practical values.

So now you have to determine what values you will choose to embrace in your life. These may change and vary over time, but most should be things you stick with throughout recovery and in life. Choose to be honest at all times, even when it is tough. Choose to have enough self-respect to make your life worth living in spite of the ups and downs. Also, choose to create an identity you can be proud of for the rest of your life. The great thing about values is that we choose them and we can set boundaries so others respect them.

Like of values like this: .Values are like the engine in your car, you can survive without them, but it is easier to have it available. Would you like to have a car that didn’t have an engine? Probably not. So why live a life without a system that can make that life more useful? The choice is yours, whether you are in recovery, thinking about it, or just want to improve your personal value system. You can change your life and choose the values you want when you are ready. It really is all about you and what you want for your life. So what is your decision? Will you create a value system to bolster your life or will you choose to live aimlessly? Only you can decide. Be willing to change your life.

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