Relax in Recovery

Ways to Relax in Recovery

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Ways to Relax in Recovery – Recovery, especially in the early stages can be stressful and exhausting. Allowing yourself to remain tired and over stressed can quickly allow recovery to get off track and possibly lead to a relapse. While everyone has a particular way they take time to relax, for addicts relaxation was often about using. Now that you are entering recovery new forms of relaxation must be found. Though these will differ for everyone, the list below will offer some cheap or free ideas that can create a relaxing time and aid in the overall recovery process.

Relax in Recovery – Self Care.

Ways to Relax in Recovery – Remember that relaxation and self care are an important part of recovery and should not be ignored or taken for granted. Without self care, recovery will be much harder in the long run. One basic way to relax for free is to get outside. Work with nature in the dirt by planting a garden or some flowers. Be a kid again and do not fear getting dirty. The work and the experience is relaxing for many and after you have a beautiful plant or a small garden to enjoy.

Listen to music. Choose music that is happy and uplifting, but not associated with previous addictions. Classical music is thought to be the most relaxing based on science, but any music that helps you calm down and forget your cares will work.

Engage In Meditation.

Ways to Relax in Recovery – Meditation can be in the form of quiet reflection or even guided imagery. These techniques can be learned online or most therapists can offer advice. Take time to be silent and focus on something positive or simply clear your mind and enjoy the silence. Guided imagery can take on many scenarios so if trying it do not be afraid to explore your options.
Get some exercise. Working out releases endorphins that produce a natural ‘high’. This does not mean you need to run out and join a gym. A brisk walk or a nature hike will do the trick. Find an activity you enjoy and take part. This will also help you be healthier in the long run. This is important to a body that has been abused by addiction.

Take a hot shower or bath. Fill a tub with bubbles, light some candles and take a long relaxing soak to let your cares drift away. As the water drains or as you rinse off, let the worries and stress of life go down the drain as well.

Don’t Forget To Laugh.

Ways to Relax in Recovery – Finally, take some time to laugh. Watch a funny movie or spend time with entertaining, non-using friends. A good laugh will also release endorphin’s in the body, as with exercise. Laughing at online jokes, at movies, or simply with friends will create a relaxing environment that helps you feel better.

No matter which healthy manner you choose to use to create a relaxing environment it is important to find something that creates a calm in you. Remember that this is all part of the recovery process and getting back to a normal life, so enjoy the experience.

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