Burnout culture & mental health care

Can you remember a time when you were excited to wake up and start your day?

People are leading increasingly demanding lives. With longer work hours, and technology at our fingertips; balance can seem impossible to find.

The blue lit screen from your laptop should not be lulling you to bed at night.

These habits are culminating into unhealthy long-term stresses.

If you have experienced weight-gain, difficulty sleeping, lack of motivation for yourself, your work or relationships – these are signs of burn out.

DARA Rehab is in a serene natural setting.

Activities include scuba diving, jungle trekking, elephant sanctuaries and more.

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We can give you the support to help you remember what brings you joy.

Symptoms of burnout

It’s easy to fall into a negative pattern. Go to work, endure traffic home, eat take out, fall asleep and repeat.

  • Anxiety – When you don’t have a name for it, it can be even more troubling. A knot in your stomach, unease and nervousness are all indicators of anxiety.

  • Depression – Low energy, a feeling of defeat and general lack of enthusiasm for life. You may wake up some days and struggle to get out of bed.

  • Sleep disturbance – A sound night’s sleep improves mental health. Forming negative sleep patterns – including sleeping with a laptop or phone – is easy to develop over time. Long term lack of sleep can confound and lead to more dire mental health issues.

  • Exhaustion Mental or physical fatigue impact your overall health and well-being. For some 3pm hits and they depend on a sugar hit to get them through the rest of their work day. This is an unhealthy cycle that, with propels unhealthy sleeping and eating patterns.

  • Illness – Are you constantly getting coughs, colds and flu? Physical health and mental health are closely linked. If you are finding yourself incessantly ill, it can be a sign you need to address your mental health and well-being too.

  • Weight-gain – If you have experienced fluctuating weight in recent years, it could be your body’s way of telling you to make a change. Mental health, sleeping and eating habits can all result in weight changes and all indicate you need stop, take charge and make a change.

Untreated burnout

  • Mental and physical exhaustion
  • Hopelessness
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Low enthusiasm for work
  • Intimacy issues
  • Mood swings

Burnout is impacting more people. It is a valid way to feel and we can help you address it and make changes.

I was working 6am to 11pm. I did it for years to build my business but I had a breakdown from work exhaustion.
2019 Client

What happens day-to-day at DARA Rehab to address burnout?

At DARA Rehab we individualise our program to suit each person. We recognise you are unique and you will apply what you learn at DARA Rehab differently to your life back home.

A typical day at DARA can include therapy – each client has their own dedicated therapist.

It may include a gym session, walk on the beach, yoga,  swimming lessons or diving lessons  – each client is assigned their own personal trainer who will work with them to meet their individual goals – at a pace they agree on.

It will include three nutritious meals – all of our meals are served in a buffet-style, to encourage communal sharing and socialising, as well as to offer variety. We can cater to allergies as well as preferred eating styles like vegan and vegetarianism.

Who goes to DARA Rehab for burnout?

At DARA Rehab we have an international clientele. The majority of people who are seeking help for burnout are from Australia, Hong Kong, America, Canada and Singapore.

The most common professions are entrepreneur, doctor, nurse, lawyer and a variety of finance roles.


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