Chennai Alcohol Rehabilitation

When looking for a drug and alcohol treatment centre in Chennai, there is not much available. There are a few government run facilities and outreach programs. For a successful businessperson, there is nothing we are able to find that will fit their needs. This is why many people, after researching Chennai alcohol rehabilitation options, turn to an affordable international destination like DARA Drug and Alcohol Rehab.

Chennai, formerly known as Madras or Madarasapatinam, is the capital city of Tamil Nadu, located on the Bay of Bengal. Chennai is the fifth largest city in India. As of 2009, Chennai had a population of about 4.3 million people. Hospitals in Chennai report 90% of people admitted to hospital for accidents due to alcohol. There’s a pattern to the victims who seek medical help at the casualty ward of government hospitals in the city. According to the doctors, about 90 percent of the accident/assaults classified as ‘medico-legal cases’ are due to alcohol abuse. At Stanley Hospital, every day five patients are admitted with complaints of “overdose of alcohol.”

“An improvement in their income causes people take to drinking,” said Mohan Rao, a physician attached to the Casualty ward there. “It is not just the youth, even middle-age men are admitted,” he said.

Chennai De-addiction Versus an International Medical Destination: Distance Helps Recovery

It is easy for Indian citizens living in Chennai to come to Thailand for addiction treatment. And in many cases, begin distant from the home environment helps you focus completely on your recovery program, and away from triggers and stressors that led to drinking and using drugs. Chennai de-addiction services don’t provide the intensive, level of care that is often necessary, and traveling to an international medical tourism destination like DARA provides discrete, private and highly effective care.

There is a Royal Thai Consulate stationed in India where your travel visa can be approved. We will also provide a letter to the consulate inviting you to come to DARA Drug and Alcohol.

With regular flights from Chennai via Colombo, it is only 8 hours in transit to Bangkok. DARA is located in Trat Province on the eastern part of Thailand.


Luxury Chennai Alcohol Rehabilitation

We have been unable to find any luxury Chennai alcohol rehabilitation centres in Chennai; certainly nothing up to the standard of DARA Drug and Alcohol. The is not to say you cannot get good treatment in Chennai, but you will not find the comfort and specialized program that DARA Drug and Alcohol offers. We have had many clients come from Chennai for addiction treatment at our facility.

DARA Drug and Alcohol (DARA) is the premier de-addiction and alcohol treatment program in Asia for English speaking clients. DARA accepts client from all countries in the world providing the client speaks English, does not have a physical disability that would limit mobility (our facilities are not set up to accommodate persons whose mobility is limited), and wants to change their life for the better. If you are abusing drugs or alcohol, DARA is the place to change your life around for the better.

When you have decided it is time to move forward with your life and free yourself from addiction, we can help. At DARA, we will tailor a program to your needs. Starting with detoxification, if needed, and following all the way through to your aftercare once you return home. We are the experts in the field, and our Western specialists are here to help. If you are experiencing drug or alcohol abuse or dependence in Chennai, call us at +66-87-140-7788 now. One of our intake specialists is waiting to help.

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