Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center

We believe in comfort at DARA. In fact, both of our alcohol and drug rehab center locations are internationally regarded for providing exceptionally effective therapy in resort-like settings, and completely affordable for the average individual or family. DARA’s philosophy is structured around the premise that addiction and detox centers must keep the client at the center of care, and provide therapy that helps each client make constructive changes that work long-term.

There are many people who think that drug and alcohol rehabilitation should be tough. It is almost as though addiction should be punished rather than treated. Rehab is tough – coming to terms with the feelings and emotions that have been suppressed by substance is never easy. However, this doesn’t mean that the accommodations and settings should be uncomfortable. At DARA, we believe that effective treatment and luxurious surroundings should co-exist.

We Are What a Drug Rehab Center Should Be

At DARA, we allow clients to focus on recovery without being hindered by deprivation or boredom. Each DARA drug treatment center offers beautiful and calming settings, excellent food, superb accommodations, and plentiful amenities. This allows clients the freedom to deal with their addiction without being sidetracked. Our intensive treatment programs are intensive and demanding, but only where they have to be. We also offer a dual diagnosis treatment center.

When a client goes into treatment they leave behind a substance or behavior that helps them avoid the issues that cause them pain. Many clients want to avoid dealing with their pain for as long as possible. DARA’s job is to help the client understand their pain, and learn new and healthy ways to cope. If a client is fixated on a cold room, bad food or lack of amenities, this can hinder their progress.

At DARA, we provide a wide range of activities to keep our clients occupied. Learning to relax and make the most of free time is an integral part of recovery. Prior to treatment clients often spend most of their spare time on their addiction. Recovery includes relearning how to enjoy life, finding new interests, and socializing without the need for artificial aids. Cultural and outdoor activities, including snorkeling, kayaking, and PADI scuba certification are all included*.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Many clients arrive after years of poor nutrition and unhealthy diets. Our chefs create healthy and nutritious meals using fresh local produce and seafood. Good nutrition is vital to any rehabilitation program. Our chefs help our clients rediscover their appetites. Because DARA is an internationally recognized treatment facilities, we integrate cultural and religious dietary needs in each client’s meal plan. Allergies, of course, are also considered by our chefs when planning meals for individual clients.

All onsite meals at DARA are included in the treatment fee.

Privacy is Important at Our Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

It is important to have time to reflect and process what is learned during recovery. Rest is also a key aspect of regaining health.

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