Luxury Alcohol Rehab at DARA

DARA’s luxury alcohol rehab provides evidence-based, individualized care by a collaborative team of experts.  Our world-class accommodations and meals enhance the alcohol recovery process, but it is our client-centered treatment approach that makes success possible. DARA makes staying in a luxury alcohol rehab center affordable for the average client. Our services are unmatched, and clients can be assured of no hidden fees.

Meaningful recovery from an alcohol addiction doesn’t happen overnight, and it isn’t possible without hard work and focus. The therapy process at DARA is intense and comprehensive. Rest and improved health are important goals for each DARA client, because they are keys to living well long-term. DARA combines natural therapeutic settings with extraordinary amenities that support this process. Mental, physical, and spiritual health are fostered during residential treatment at each DARA luxury alcohol rehab center. In fact, our centers were designed by therapists who know what clients need, and what works.

Extraordinary DARA Alcohol Rehab Center Location

DARA Koh Chang luxury alcohol rehab location was designed to be therapeutic environments, separating clients in the active recovery process from the stress and temptation of normal life. The focus here is on health and healing. DARA alcohol rehab center offers the same highly regarded care, but in regions of Thailand that have their own beautifully distinct scenery, history, and regional attractions.

All DARA accommodations, regardless of location, offer:

  • Bedrooms,
  • Air conditioning,
  • Ensuite bathrooms
  • DVD players
  • Free Wi-Fi 

Living with the stress and negative impact of a life driven by alcohol has prevented many of DARA’s clients from taking the time to relax and enjoy healthful and simple pleasures. Refinding the joy in life, and the sense of wellbeing found in healthy living, are important parts of recovery and relapse prevention. Each alcohol rehab center provides ample space for socializing during off-treatment hours, including:

  • Fully-equipped gym,
  • Swimming pools
  • Massage therapy spa
  • Library
  • Well-equipped home theatre.

DARA’s Koh Chang

DARA Koh Chang is, quite simply, a tropical paradise. Koh Chang is the location of DARA’s Integrated Behavioral Therapy™ Program. Clients at this upscale alcohol rehab center reside in modern villas, with ensuite showers in each bedroom. Beautifully designed and furnished common areas in each villa offer a kitchen, a living room with a TV and DVD, and large, verandas. DARA Koh Chang is surrounded by landscaped gardens featuring many extraordinary native flowers and plants. A koi pond and fountains provide places of rest, respite, and calm.

The villas offer a king size bed, dressing area, veranda and bathroom. The pool villas have swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, tub, and a separate living room. Bed linens and towels are luxurious. The décor in each villa is designed to support rest and comfort.

Our luxury alcohol rehab in Koh Chang takes advantage of island breezes and charming white sand beaches. Koh Chang is secluded, and clients arrive by ferry from mainland Thailand.

DARA’s Luxury Alcohol Rehab Includes Meals Prepared by Professional Chefs

Each DARA alcohol rehab center includes, as part of the treatment fee, fresh and nutritious meals prepared by our professionally trained chefs. Our chefs are able to integrate meals that take into consideration allergies and vegetarian options. Both in quality and presentation, meals at our luxury alcohol rehab facilities stimulate the eye and the appetite.

Thailand offers some of the healthiest cuisine available anywhere in the world. Ingredients that are fresh from the sea, grove, or garden is the underlying theme of meals at DARA. This is essential for anyone recovering from an alcohol addiction, since clients often arrive at DARA with a long history of poor nutrition and eating habits.

Making that first step towards getting help for alcohol dependence and abuse can be difficult. Treatment is challenging. DARA’s luxury alcohol rehab provides the best possible environment in which to begin a life-long recovery journey. Contact us. You’ll speak directly with an addiction counselor who can answer your questions about our premier alcohol rehab center.

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