Luxury Drug Rehab

The most important feature to understand about DARA’s luxury drug rehab is that the professional drug and alcohol treatment provided in this resort-like setting is expert, individualized, and effective. Our upscale accommodations and meals are enhancements to the recovery process, but not the basis of DARA’s highly regarded therapeutic success.

Regaining health and recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction is hard, intensive work. The natural therapeutic settings at DARA are combined with extraordinary amenities that support this process. Mental, physical, and spiritual health are fostered during residential treatment at DARA. In addition, DARA makes staying in a luxury drug center affordable for the average client. No hidden fees, no add-on charges.

What to Expect at a DARA Luxury Rehab Center

While both DARA Koh Chang luxury drug rehab locations offer exemplary care, each is beautifully different in terms of natural setting and scenery. All DARA accommodations, regardless of location, offer air conditioning, ensuite bathrooms, DVD players and free Wi-Fi. Each of our luxury rehab centers feature incredible common spaces for socializing and group events, including a large swimming pool, well-appointed home theatre, gym, library, and massage facilities, to name just a few.

Each of DARA’s residential luxury rehab centers were designed to be a therapeutic environment away from the stress and temptation of normal life. The focus here is on health and healing.

DARA’s Koh Chang Location

Our luxury drug rehab in Koh Chang takes advantage of warm island breezes and extraordinary white sand beaches. Koh Chang is, simply put, a tropical paradise. Located in the stunning Koh Chang National Park, clients reside in 40 villas, surrounded by beautifully landscaped tropical gardens. Amenities at DARA Koh Chang include:

  • Views of gardens, ocean, or pool
  • Air conditioning
  • Large ensuite bathrooms
  • Verandas for rest and reflection
  • 25 meter infinity pool with an extraordinary ocean view
  • Free Wi-Fi

Accommodations in our Koh Chang luxury rehab center are provided in individual modern villas surrounded by landscaped gardens and a tropical forest. Each villa provides modern ensuite showers in each opulent bedroom, as well as common rooms with TV, DVD, a fridge, and large, verandas.

The villas offer a king size bed, dressing area, veranda and bathroom. The pool villas have swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, tub, and a separate living room. Bed linens and towels are as luxurious as the surroundings, and daily housekeeping services are provided.

Safe and secluded, clients travel to Koh Chang (Elephant Island) via ferry from mainland Thailand. Arriving at our Koh Chang luxury drug rehab, clients are welcomed in a beautiful courtyard that features a stunning fountain. Water features throughout our tranquil luxury rehab center provide an underlying sense of calmness for our clients. A favorite place of respite is near our koi pond.

DARA Koh Chang is the location of DARA’s Integrated Behavioral Therapy™ Program. More than 50 staff members, including 15 full-time internationally certified therapists, see to the comfort and therapeutic needs of clients.

Nutritious, Gourmet Meals at DARA’s Luxury Drug Rehab

Residential care at a DARA luxury rehab center includes, as part of the treatment fee, extraordinary meals prepared by our professionally trained chefs. Because our clients come to DARA from all over the word, not only do our chefs prepare highly nutritious meals, they are also able to include individual dietary needs in the process. Our nutrition and dietary services are unmatched among international luxury drug rehab facilities.

Fresh from the sea, grove, or garden is the underlying theme of meals at DARA. Thailand offers some of the healthiest cuisine available anywhere in the world. Our chefs are expert in both traditional and nouveau cuisine, presented in ways that inspire the appetite. This is essential for anyone recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction, who often arrive at DARA with a long history of poor nutrition and eating habits. One of are overarching goals is to improve both nutritional health, but also the joy of socializing over a wonderful meal.

Part of recovery is rediscovering an interest and excitement in all that life has to offer. A residential stay at a DARA luxury rehab center provides an excellent beginning to this new approach to living.

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