Residential Treatment Center

Each DARA residential treatment center provides an impressive quality and range of professional services, highly individualized to each client, in a compassionate and structured environment.  Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is possible at DARA. Our goal is to provide each client with what they need to succeed in recovery and regain a healthy approach to living. DARA is Asia’s first and most established substance abuse treatment center, and has been in operation longer than any other center in Thailand. Our internationally certified staff work full-time at DARA, and provide a wealth of expertise in the fields drug, alcohol and behavioural addictions. The staff are also highly experienced in dealing with issues which arise from what is known as dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis refers to the treatment of people who are dealing with both a mental illness and an addiction at the same time.

A residential addiction rehabilitation program allows someone who is struggling in their normal environment to focus completely on successful treatment. Often being away from the normal stresses of life and ‘triggers’ (such as people places or things) previously associated with addiction is what makes all the difference between a successful recovery and relapse.  DARA provides a luxurious treatment environment that is dedicated to meeting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each client receiving care at our residential treatment centers.

At DARA, clients are able to stop concentrating on that next drink, that next drug hit, that next bet. Recovery is not just overcoming the cravings, but also finding joy and purpose in living. Fresh air, rest, nutritious meals, and increased physical and emotional well-being are all part of the DARA treatment process. All in a beautiful, healing setting. We believe that the opposite of addiction isn’t just sobriety. It is learning how to create a life worth living. Our tropical residences are where many new lives have begun.

Why a Residential Treatment Center is Important

Receiving therapy in a residential treatment center means that the treatment process takes place 24 hours a day. A residential treatment center is a place where key changes occur in each client. Clients learn to change their attitudes, perceptions and behaviors so that the use of drugs or alcohol or addictive behaviours is no longer necessary. Underlying problems that led to the substance abuse are identified and addressed. DARA offers the time and attention needed for the slow and more gradual building of recovery.

Often clients who come to DARA’s residential drug abuse program have relapsed, or have only attempted recovery in outpatient or short-term programs. Receiving addiction treatment in Thailand, distant to the home setting, is what can make the recovery process truly ‘take root’ and begin to grow. We then culitavte these deep and lasting changes in their early stage, and create programs for people that they can use for the rest of their lives, long after they have left our care. Clients learn solid skills to support their life-long recovery, and transition from DARA’s residential care into the next step in the continuum of care. Aftercare planning is a big part of DARA’s comprehensive services.

The treatment day at DARA Koh Chang begins early and is very full. This is important, particularly in the early part of recovery. Clients work closely with their therapists in both individual and groups settings, to begin building positive ways to live without being controlled by their addictions.

All of our certified clinicians are employed at DARA full-time, and are completely dedicated to providing the highest level of care. With such a wide and solid base of clinical expertise, we are able to treat many types of dual diagnosis that are present alongside substance misuse or behavioural addiction. This may include (but is not limited to) anxiety, depression, trauma issues, and phobias.

DARA’s Residential Drug Abuse Program

DARA’s residential program is one part of the continuum of care necessary for gaining sobriety and health. Some patients require detox services prior to beginning therapy at our residential treatment center, to ensure that they are safely ready for this level of care. DARA is pleased to help arrange local detox services in Thailand, so that there is no delay in beginning residential care after detox is complete. We work only with the best people both before and after our residential program, so contact us here to see how we can arrange this for you.

In addition to a diverse and comprehensive range of available therapies, clients rediscover how to enjoy normal social and recreational activities. Sharing meals, giving and receiving support, and socialization are all important parts of the recovery journey. It is a safe and nurturing environment, as other residents will know what you are going through, and the solidarity between clients is amazing! Ample opportunities are available after the formal treatment day to swim, watch a movie, or reach out to family via the internet or phone. At DARA, we do not believe that our clients should be forced to be out of communication with friends or loved ones during the residential treatment center stay. This is a much more progressive view than a lot of other rehabs, and is in line with ‘evidence based best practice’. Some other rehabs have incredibly strict policies around phone and Internet usage. We believe that you are our valued clients, and not (as other rehabs might make you feel) some sort of ‘inmates’! Clients who have unsuccessfully tried other rehabs tell us how much more autonomy they feel at DARA, and that this helps them feel safe and valued as individuals. Whilst Thailand is far from home for most of our international clients, we do not believe that it is necessary for them to feel isolated from those who care about them.

Family support, communication skills and relationship repair and reconnection are part of DARA’s Integrated Treatment Model. A human being is more than an addiction. Each person treated at DARA is seen as the unique person that they are, with a personal history and deeply individual needs. Respectful, compassionate care is a core philosophy at DARA. We accept nothing less.

Each of DARA’s residential treatment center locations allow us to offer both treatment and accommodations on one lush, relaxing campus. There are many quiet places for reflection on the work being done each day. Extra steps and care are taken in our residential program to improve the health of the whole person.

The length of the residential program is client-dependent. For more information and a confidential initial assessment, please contact us from anywhere, and at any time. You will speak directly with a certified therapist.

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