For Affordable Rehab, Australia May Not Be the Best Option

DARA is Asia’s premier and leading international destination for alcohol and drug rehab. Located in serene and beautiful Thailand, DARA has successfully to clients from over fifty countries. We believe everyone can be helped. If you have been resistant to treatment in the past, we treat you with the respect and compassion you need, not as a failed rehab addict. Employing a comprehensive and personalized approach to recovery, DARA rehab uses the two most effective therapeutic methodologies for treating addiction at two separate Centres staffed by full-time, internationally certified therapists.

DARA is one of the world’s most cost effective and affordable luxury alcohol and drug rehabilitation solutions. Comparable level of care in other countries may cost two to three times more. This is one of many reasons when choosing the best rehab, Australia may not be the optimal choice for many people.

Please call or e-mail us today. We’re happy to explain each of our world-class treatment programs, our fees, amenities, and any additional inquiries that you may have. You will speak directly with our professional intake counselor. You are not alone – DARA is ready to help.

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