Declan O’Riordan

BA (Hons) Dip HE MH
Clinical Lead
DeclanDeclan holds a Dip in Nursing Studies and a BSc (Hons)/ DipHE Substance Use and Misuse studies which he achieved in the United Kingdom. Declan has worked extensively in both the public and private addiction treatment sectors in the UK and in a wide variety of settings from detox and rehabilitation units to community services and within the criminal justice system. In total, he has worked as both a counselor and clinical nurse specialist in the field of addictions since 1999. He also has extensive experience in working with clients who have mental health issues or complex needs. Declan has also created and managed his own outpatient addiction treatment service in Cape Town, South Africa. Declan prides himself on viewing addiction as an illness that affects the entire family and his passion for including family members in the treatment journey reflects this. He also uses his love of motivational interviewing as a method of helping the client to achieve their goals without feeling confronted.

One of Declan’s key strengths is his adaptability, providing addiction intervention for clients regardless of their circumstances or backgrounds.

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