Anita’s experience at DARA Rehab, 2019

Anita’s life was “unmanageable, I was losing my family and my friends. In fact I lost everything. It was paramount for me to get my life back.”

From the U.K. to Thailand for addiction recovery

Her son helped her research, and after reading reviews about DARA Rehab they decided it was the place for her to turn her life around.

Rehab in Thailand gave her a change of lifestyle as well as a new lease on life.

“My fitness has improved, my well-being, confidence and self-esteem.”

For Anita the recovery isn’t over. Like the majority of people who come to DARA Rehab, she does intent to have ongoing therapy. She is also choosing to attend AA groups.

Anita is also going to study again and become involved in volunteer work.

We thank Anita for sharing her story.

Thank you to the DARA Rehab team who made Anita’s recovery possible.

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