A Typical Day at Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia

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At Dara we recognize that the majority of our clients day to day lives are unstructured or chaotic, and often missing some of the fundamental pillars of a healthy life, such as diet, sleep, exercise and relaxation. Therefore our 7 day schedule is designed to help all of our clients get back to a healthy structure, which they reintroduce back into their everyday lie on returning to their home.  Whilst our facility may look like a resort, this is not a holiday and our clients come here to put their lives back on track. The program has been designed based on evidence-based approaches to treatment and over 10 years of delivering high quality treatment programs here in Thailand.  
The duration of our programs are 5,10 and 15 weeks in length. 
A standard day can be seen in the schedule template below, which maps out how a client will spend their day at our center.  
Below is an example of a day at DARA Rehab. 
7.30am A typical day involves waking for some morning exercise, like a group walk to the beach, or a mindfulness exercise like water meditation. 
8.30am Afterwards you have time to shower and change, and then breakfast begins. All meals are chef-prepared in a buffet style. You can choose between a variety of fresh fruit and hot breakfast options like eggs and bacon. We also have a smoothie bar, with local fruit like mango, banana, dragon fruit and passion fruit. 
9.30am Group Therapy (Cognitive Behavior Therapy). This gives you an opportunity to learn more about your own addiction and mental health, by better understanding your own behaviors. Sharing experiences is part of this, and the community built through those conversations helps with everyone’s recovery. 
11.00am Personal training or one-on-one therapy: Every client has their own designated trainer and their own designated therapist. You work together to achieve your goals at your own pace. Fitness and health are part of recovery. Your trainer will help you to find activities you enjoy, and to encourage you to try new things. Physical health and well-being will help you maintain your sobriety. Your therapist will work with your through your recovery. They will challenge you and support you. 
12.30pm Buffet lunch changes is in theme each day. Our team of chefs prepare Thai, Italian, Mexican and Japanese buffets, as well as many other varieties. Nutritious food supports recovery. 
1.30pm  Therapy Group – these will be a mixture of Relapse Prevention, Process or Gender Groups.  
2.30pm – 6.30pm Individual sessions, which may include 1:1 counseling, Group Sports activities, One to One Personal Training, Holistic sessions 
6.00pm Dinner, much like lunch and breakfast, is a full buffet. 
7.30pm Closure Group – end of the day group for clients to complete there day with a check in and support of one another.  
8pm Free time to relax, socialize or check-in with friends, family or meet work commitments at home (some of our clients do work remotely while here.) 

In one clients words:

We finish at six with enough time to shower and change for dinner. We get a mix of Thai and western food and it is very good. Last night was another client’s last night so she had chosen the menu. We then had an ice cream cake and some speeches. I was really pleased for her and I am looking forward to choosing the food for my last night (Pizza!!!). In the evenings we sometimes watch movies or play games.

The weekend is fun with outdoor pursuits and island excursions. We go fishing, kayaking, to the beach, swimming by the islands waterfall, or Thai cooking. On Saturday morning, we also have the client meeting where we meet with a member of the staff and talk about the programme, the food and the week’s excursion. The staff actually do listen to us and things get done which is important to us clients.

So that’s one of my days. It might be different for you but I really like it here. I don’t want to have to go to rehab again so I am really trying to put 100% effort in and it feels like it is working.


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