Kristi’s review of DARA Rehab

“it’s never too late to live a good life and to be happy. We all deserve that.”
Client at DARA Rehab

Why did Kristi go to rehab?

Kristi had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol “it became my best friend,” says Kristi.

“Before coming to rehab I was as low as you can be. I was sad and I didn’t feel like I had any value. This place has saved my life, really.”

Her relationship with her husband and friends had suffered because of her drinking, and because she was isolating herself to focus on it night after night.


DARA (Drug Alcohol Rehab Asia) has been operating across two location for a combined 15 years.

With comprehensive. individualised care, we are Thailand’s only fully licensed and accredited beach-side rehab. We are Australian owned and operated and have a fully qualified clinical team.

We pride ourselves on quality care at an accessible price.

In comparison American rehabs are as much as 80% more in cost for a similar experience. DARA Rehab is an all-inclusive experience and typical pricing is USD$9,995 per month.

What did Kristi learn at DARA Rehab?

“I learnt confidence and self-worth and self-love. It’s life-changing.”

Through her stay at DARA Rehab, with regular therapy, Kristi says, “I learnt all the tools here to lead a better life and – my counselor Ray tells me I did it.”

Her sense of accomplishment was hard earned because rehab is not an easy process, but at least at DARA Rehab you are in a beautiful environment. As Kristi says –

“I feel like I’m in paradise. We’re not here to be punished. I’m here to learn how to face the world, whatever comes!”

Kristi credits her recovery to the quality of care she received and she’s excited to return home with renewed energy.

“I feel like I have a wonderful secret.”

She looks forward to improving her relationships and acknowledges the people who made it possible –

“The staff, the counselors, the massage therapists and personal trainers are so genuinely caring. You can’t fake that. You feel like your success matters to them too. There has never been a more trusting group of people to be around.

“It’s unburdening to share my experiences and my shame, and then let it go!”

“It doesn’t matter who you are. Everyone across the globe is caring, suffering and lovable. Everyone deserves care.”

Congratulations Kristi!

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