Kim Laurence

BSocSc, GradDipHS, MPsychotherapy
Kim is a registered psychotherapist (PBANZ, DAPAANZ) from New Zealand.  She obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology and education studies, a graduate diploma in health science and master’s degree (hons) in psychotherapy.  She is primarily trained from a psychodynamic perspective, however also integrates skills across modalities such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and client-centred therapy.  She has attended a range of workshops and trainings to broaden her scope, some of which include working with eating disorders, relationships, trauma, and therapeutic communities for addiction treatment.  She also has a certificate in teaching and has spent a number of years living and teaching abroad.

Kim has experience facilitating individual psychotherapy through a community clinic in Auckland, as well as working in an intensive 18-week residential treatment centre (therapeutic community) for alcohol and other drug addictions.  She became a senior clinician in this role, helping to develop aspects of the programme, working with complex client presentations (ie, coexisting disorders), mentoring students, facilitating individual sessions and leading therapeutic/education groups.  Alongside helping clients to manage their addiction, Kim also seeks to understand the circumstances that lead to using alcohol or other drugs so that the original cause may be addressed.  She is a compassionate and patient clinician, empathically challenging unhealthy or unhelpful core beliefs to facilitate lasting change.  She is passionate about her work and about helping others to feel empowered and fulfill their potential.

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