Maria Remicar U. Gaid

R.N., ABComm

Support Worker

Maria Remicar U. Gaid

Maria is a dedicated member of our admissions team and has a great deal of experience in helping our clients transition smoothly into our program. As part of our busy admissions team, Maria is responsible for receiving and fielding enquiries from around the world. Prior to joining the DARA team Maria worked internationally in the call center industry and is therefore very comfortable dealing with clients from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

Maria is passionate about her work and feels very strongly that it is important to help the clients on their journey to recovery, from the moment they make the life-changing decision to contact us here at DARA.

In addition to her skillset involving both the admissions and aftercare process, Maria also holds two degrees: one in nursing and another in communications. This unique and valuable combination allows her to both understand where our prospective clients are coming from and also relate to them in a way that makes them feel fully understood. Maria would love to hear from you to further outline how DARA can help you when you need it most.

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